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The 2024 Indiana State Fair will be a true Hoosier Masterpiece. Join us to curate & cultivate more memories & traditions as we theme 2024 in a celebration of The Art & Nature of Fun, in partnership with Newfields.

Mark your calendars for the 167th Great Indiana State Fair: August 2-18 (Closed Mondays).

Down-home artistry. Downright fun.

Artscape: Where Imagination Grows

Play, Create, and Discover

Let your imagination grow! Guests of all ages will find something to spark their creativity in the Harvest Pavilion. From art demos and performances, to artmaking and outdoor-inspired free play, guests will get a bit-sized taste of all Newfields has to offer. Learn from Newfields experts, engage with Newfields content, indulge in a performance or film, and let your inner artist shine bright in this unique playful space.

Daily: 9AM-9PM - Harvest Pavilion

Exhibition Feature: Anila Agha
All the Flowers are for me: Turquoise is on view inside the Harvest Pavilion by Indianapolis-based artist Anila Agha. Agha (b. 1965) is internationally recognized for her award-winning large-scale installations that use light, shadow and pattern to create inclusive, immersive & shared experiences. Exhibitions include national museums like Amon Carter Museum in Texas to international museums like National Sculpture Museum, Valladolid, Spain, and the Chimei Museum, Taiwan.
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