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Preservation Fund

The Preservation Fund ensures that the 250 acre Indiana State Fairgrounds campus is able to cater to the more than two million visitors annually by maintaining the history while providing a sustainable infrastructure that can efficiently operate.


There is a rich Hoosier history at the Fairgrounds embodied in buildings dating back to the late 1800s. With older buildings comes a responsibility to maintain unique features including facades, windows and doors. As buildings are updated with HVAC and other essential upgrades, historic elements and integrity are at the forefront of the renovations.


The Fairgrounds would like to organize and maintain a year-round recycling program, but building an effective program will require additional staff as well as materials such as containers and a compactor. Another goal is a decrease in energy consumption by converting to LED lighting throughout the Fairgrounds and updating to energy-efficient HVAC systems, windows and doors.


All visitors are welcome at the Fairgrounds and it is important to make everyone feel comfortable by providing a friendly environment meeting ADA standards. To meet these needs it is necessary to upgrade features such as restrooms, doors, parking spots, and braille signage. Improving walkways and sidewalks with curb cuts would also provide smoother access.


There are many ways to improve transportation both to the Fairgrounds and within the Fairgrounds. Some enhancements could encourage visitors to use other methods of transportation other than cars. Bike racks and special access gates near the Monon Trail would help direct the growing cyclist community to the Fairgrounds. Redesigning bus stops would benefit residents and workers, and also encourage tourists to commute from the downtown hotels and conventions. Wayfinding and improved roads, sidewalks and entrances would help further improve general ingress, egress and movement around the Fairgrounds.


Well-kept grounds are a major part of the visitor experience. Located in an urban neighborhood, the Fairgrounds provides a unique green space which requires a significant investment in landscaping and maintenance, including trees, shrubs, flowers, and mowing. There are also significant upgrades needed at our three public campgrounds to improve the experience for Fair and Fairgrounds guests as well as visitors to the city.

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