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Updated on July 6, 2022

A Classic Party Rental
Ag Plus
Albanese Confectionery Group, Inc.
Bio Town Ag, Inc.
Blindhorse Bottoms
Board of Certified Safety Professionals
Brattain Hamps Inc.
Buckingham Foundation, Inc.
Casey's General Stores
Chenoweth Family Swine
Chip-N Seal Farms
Co-Alliance Cooperative
Corteva Agriscience
Dan Willoughby Sales, Inc.
Decker Showpigs
Fair Oaks Farm Management, LLC
Farm Bureau Foundation
Farm Credit Mid-America
First Farmers Bank & Trust
Glick Gives Fund, a fund of Central Indiana Community Foundation
Greenbrook Farms
Gregory & Appel Insurance
Hathaway Strategies, LLC
Hendricks County 4-H and Agri Fair Association Inc.
Hopkins Food Service
IAFE Education Foundation
Indiana Corn Marketing Council
Indiana Dairy Goat Association
Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance
Indiana Farmers Insurance
Indiana Hockey Club, LLC
Indiana Jr. Livestock Association LLC
Indiana Lions Foundation Inc
Indiana Livestock Association
Indiana Soybean Alliance
Indiana State Department of Agriculture
Ivy Tech Community College
J & C Rulon Farms LLC
J.S. Held, LLC
Jack Rodibaugh & Sons, Inc.
JDW Farms, Inc.
Johnson County Swine Club
Johnson Family Farms
JRJ Show Stock
KFI Show Pigs
Kilmer Swine Farms, Inc.
Knauth & Olson Boars LLC
Koorsen Fire & Security
Lacy Family Charitable Lead Annuity Trust Number One
Lacy Foundation
Land O'Lakes Foundation
Leading The Education About Pigs Foundation LLC
Lewis Wagner, LLP
LH Ice Cream dba Dippin Dots
Lopp Family Dentistry
MacAllister Machinery, Co. Inc
Marion County Farm Bureau Inc.
Master Spas
Matthews Feed & Grain
McCarty Farms
McClaskey Family Farm
Mitchel Enterprises
Mothershead Foundation
N.K. Hurst Company
National FFA
Network for Good
Neukam Farms
Nogginwerks, LLC
Old National Bancorp
On Demand Staffing, Inc.
Pacers Sports & Entertainment
Parke County Feeds
Plews Shadley Racher & Braun LLP
POET Biorefining - Alexandria
R & N Nash Farms LLC
Ray's Trash Service Inc.
Robards Showpigs
Robbins Family Trust
Russell Show Pigs
S & E Enterprises
Sam's Club 8168
Schmidt Associates
Shepherd's Chevrolet
Shuter Sunset Farms, Inc.
Sunglo Feeds
Sunrose Holsteins
Swaim Ag Service LLC
Turner Construction
Ummel Farms
Urick Concessions, LLC
Villwock Family Charitable Fund
VIP Animal Care
Visit Indy
Walker Farms
The Wendt Group Inc.
Wischmeier Companies, Inc.
Mr. Richard Aldrich
Mr. Richard Alley, Jr.
Ray & Jenn Allison
Mr. Gary Anderson
Anderson Family
Mr. and Mrs. Dan Armstrong
Justin and Julie Audenaert
Mr. Thomas Aulbach
Ms. Luanne Aurelius
Ayers Family
Marla & Scott Bachert
Ms. Martha Baird
Terri Banks
Ms. Alma Banning
Ms. Kim Barnhart
Ms. Sara Bartleson
John Baugh
Beckner Family
Alexis K. Behnkendorf
Behrndt Family
Bender Family
Katherine Benedict
Blaire Bennett and Bryant Boyer
Bennett Family
Michael and Chelsea Berkery
Mr. Dale Birkey
Bloyd Family
The Boganwright Family
Larry Boles
Gary Borgmann & Sandy Key
Bos Family
Mr. Jake Bowman
Mark and Janet Boyer
Ms. Jill Bracken-Emerson
Bradford Family
Ms. Rebecca Bradley
Ms. Sandi Bragdon
Brake Family
Mr. and Mrs. Daryl Branneman
Kalen & Becca Brattain
Mr. Robert Bratton
Ms. Bonita Bray
Marshelle Broadwell
Deborah Bronnenberg
Mr. and Mrs. John H. Brooke
Ms. Chrystyne Brown
Mr. and Mrs. Hal Brown
Mr. Jimmy Brown
Ms. Phyllis Brown
Broyles Family
Ms. Deborah Bruce
Burnette Family
Ms. Della Busby
Mr. Bill Bush
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Butcher
Dick and Jamie Street Butler
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffery W. Campbell
Cardinal Family
Mr. and Mrs. John D. Carlson
Mr. Emmitt Carney
Carothers Family
Mr. Greg Carr
Ms. Donna Carr-Roberts
Cora Carter
Cates Family
Ms. Jennifer Chapman
Chestnut Family
Dr. and Mrs. Ellsworth Christmas
Terry and Yvonne Clifford
Jim and Donna Cole
Mr. Gerald Collins
Rory Collins
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Conway
Ms. Mary Conway
Mr. Christopher Cook, Jr.
Jeff and Kim Cook & Family
Linda Cook
Hans, Lori, & Addy Cooley
Cooper Family
Ms. Marjorie Courtney
Mr. and Mrs. Larry R. Cox
Mr. Joseph Critchlow
Mary Ann Cross
Ms. Vicki Cummings
Dale Family

Mr. Ken Daly
The Daniels Family
Mr. Ricky Davison
Ms. Stephanie Davison
The Dawson Family
David and Brenda Day
Morgan Day
Ellen DeFreese
Nick and Elise DeKryger
Dice Family
Mr. Jay Dicke
Ms. Barbara Dirks
John N. Dirlam
Ms. Pam Dobbin
Mr. David Dodd
Dodd Family
Dugan Family
Ms. Amanda Duncan
Durham Family
Mr. Jim Dussinger
Ms. Sylvia Dyar
Ms. Kathryn Eads
Ms. Nancy Eagle
Mr. Doug Edge
Eiler Family
Elliott Family
Mr. Bryan Ellis
Sam Ellison
Mr. Randall Embry
Emmert Family
Ms. Kathleen Engel
Ms. Elizabeth Engelhardt
Ms. Nan Engle
Mr. and Mrs. Dale English
Mr. Mike Etchison
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth S. Evens
Bruce Everhart
Mike Fagg
David Farmer
Mr. Eric Farrand
Mark Faust
Ms. Margaret Feemster
Mr. Michael Firsich
Mr. Kenneth Foley
Channin Ford
Mr. Mark Ford
Ms. Lisa Fox
Sam and Joni Frain
Mitch and Lindsey Frazier
Freed Family
Ms. Sarah Frigo
Scott and Karen Fritz
Fruits Family
Fuller Family
Andy and Cheryl Gall
Mr. Martin Gall Family
Mr. Don Gandolf
Freesia Gao
Gard Family
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Gauck
Mr. and Mrs. Michael L. Gentry
Mr. Brian Geraghty
Ms. Melisa Germain
Dr. Tracey Gillespie and Mr. Mark Keehn
Gillis Family
Mr. Bruce Gingerich
Glassburn Family
Earl and Vicki Goode
Jeffrey Goodspeed
Ms. Brenda Gouker
Paul and Diane Graf
Graham Family
Gracie and Laynie Greene
Mrs. Joanna Greene
Mr. and Mrs. Dale Griffin
Griffitts Family
Justin, Annie, Samuel, and Rylee Grinstead
Hale Family
Mr. and Mrs. Wesley Hamilton
Mr. Dale Harden
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel J. Harker
Harrah Family
Hart Family
Hartzell Family
Mr. Travis Harvey
Rebekah Hatcher
Haupert Family
Haupert Family
Hawk Family
Michael Hayden
Mr. and Mrs. Randy Haymaker
Don Hazelett Family
Heber Family
Hedden Family
Ms. Vicki Heidenreich
Lee and Cheryl Hendricks
Hensley Family
Mr. Jay Hermacinski
Ms. Claudia Herman
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin L. Hernly
Kerri and Aaron Hilbers and Family
Addison, Reese, and Hadley Hill
Ms. Deborah Hilton
Ms. Rita Hine
Ms. Michelle Hipskind
Hodson Family
Mr. Drew Hoffman
Holliday Family
Ms. Isabella Hong
Mr. Barry Hooker
Mr. Bryan Hough
Cynthia Hoye
Mr. Zachary Hubbard
Patricia A. Hudson
Melissa Huff
Mr. Justin Hussey
Mr. Marcus Irrthum
Anthony & Marjorie Izzo
Mr. Michael Jack
Mr. and Mrs. Norbert Jackson
Mr. Jared Jacobson
Mr. Dan Johnson
Ms. Jan Johnson
Ms. Josephine Johnston
Mark and Annie Johnston
Mr. Jeffrey Jones
Lila Jones
Ms. Michelle Jones
Richard Jones
Steve Jordan
Justin Family
Keaffaber Family
Ms. Laura Kehoe
Kelley Family
Archie F. Kerr
Mr. and Mrs. James Kilmer
Mr. Art Kim
Ms. Beverly Kinkead
Mr. Robert Kirk
Mr. and Mrs. Lyle Klemm
Knotts Family
Kober Family
Ms. Mary Beth Kohart
Mr. and Mrs. Lynn Kuhn
Ms. Deb Kunce
Ms. Melanie Ladd
Lanham Family
Mr. Bill Lapcheska
Ms. Loraine LaPole
Chad and Tina Lauer
Mr. Ed Lausch
Leitch Family
Ms. Isabella Liao
Mr. Nathan Liggett
Rebecca Liming
Mr. Patrick B. Lindley
Lis Family
Liu Family
James T. Lockwood, Jr.
Ms. Gloria Long
Mr. and Mrs. Edward A. Lovett, Jr.
Lowes Family
Deborah J. Lutyen
Barbara Lyons
Ms. Liz Main
Steve Malcolm
Mr. Sean Malone
Ms. Vickie Maris
Ms. Carol Marlin
Mr. Brian Marmoreo
Mr. and Mrs. Edward L. Marrinan, III
Ms. Angie Martin
Ms. Judy Martineau
Ms. Kim Mathews
Ms. Ellen Mathia
Matsuda Family
Mr. and Mrs. Gene A. Maxwell
Mr. Jarrod May
May Family
Ms. Deborah McCloud
Mr. Jeff McDaniel
Ms. Marla McDermit
The McDonalds
Ms. BJ McElroy
Mr. and Mrs. Brandon M. McKillip
Mr. and Mrs. Don E. McKinnis
Mr. Craig McLaren

Ms. Amy McLean
Ms. Karen McTague
Ms. Cyndy Meier
Mr. Thomas Mench
Rusty and Jeanette Merritt
Ms. Stephanie Metz
Meyer Family
Meyer Family
Garry and Lisa Miller
Mr. William Minion
Jeff & Gwen Mize
Ms. Donna Monroe
Monroe Family
Hannah Myers, Becky Speaker, Leah Speaker
Mrs. Natalie Myers
Ms. Sally Neff
Newsom Family
Mr. and Mrs. Nichols
Robin Nichols
Don Nixon & Family
Norris Family
Tanner North & Family
Northcutt Family
Mrs. Kathi O'Farrell
Mr. and Mrs. Kyle O'Farrell
Mr. Edward O'Neill
Mr. and Mrs. Chris Oliger
Oliver Family
Mr. Erik Olson
Mr. Pete Oren
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Overton
Mr. Scott Papineau
Ms. Crystal Paris
Michael and Cynthia Patterson & Family
Paul Family
Peek Family
Colleen Parker & Larry Peffer
Mr. William Peters
Ms. Nancy Peterson
Ms. Brenda Pettigrew
Mr. Troy Phillips
Pinnick Family
Mr. Andrew Plogsted
Kalen and Chelsea Poe Family
Mr. Robert Leonard and Mrs. Erica Poff
Alfred E. and Anita D. Polin
Ms. Holly Pray
Mr. and Mrs. Marc Prichard
Ms. Lilly Quesenberry
Bill Rairigh
Mike and Trina Rawlinson / Coyote Farms
Ms. Rachael Reavis
Ms. Carol Reeves
Reeves Family
The Reiff Family
Ms. Kathy Renforth
Revell Family
Ms. Lisa Reynolds
Mr. and Mrs. Martin D. Reynolds
Reynolds Family
Ms. Annette Richard
Tracey Richmond-Hutsell
Mr. Richard Ridge
Ms. Christine Rienecker
Riggs Family
Riggs Family
Cris Rivas
Mr. David B. Pickens and Mrs. Miriam Robeson
Ms. Susan Robinson
Ms. Tamara Roe
Ms. Kimberly Rogers
Ms. Aricka Royalty
Joe Rudolph Family
Rule Family
Stan Rush
Mr. and Mrs. Blane P. Ryan
Mr. Chris Saunders
Tiffany Scamihorn
Scarborough Family
Mr. Fritz Schanz
Mr. Robert Schembs
Gregory and Claudia Schenkel
Ms. Carrie Schoen
Mr. and Mrs. Rex D. Schrader, II
Ms. Laura Kivela Schroeder
Mr. Craig T. Scott
Ms. Emily Scott
Dr. and Mrs. Gene E. Sease
Mr. Jordan S. Seger
Seward Family
Clyde Shaffer Sr.
Eva and Harper Shepherd
Roger Sherer
Sherman Family
The Shuter Family
Mr. Charles Sicking
Fred and Linda Siktberg
Terrence Simpson, State Fair Band Announcer for 58 years
Sinclair Family
Ms. Cathy Sipe
Philip and Monica Smiley
Blaine Smith
Ms. Jessica Smith
Mr. Ronald E. Smith
Dr. and Mrs. Richard (Sharon) Sommers
Sparks Family
Mr. Frank Spaulding
Mr. and Mrs. David Spear
Charles Sponhauer
Ms. Jo Ann Sporleder
Mike and Tami Spray
Ms. Lizabeth St Clair
Stahl Family
Ms. Ann Stankiewicz
Tony Stanley and Sarah Trammell
Ms. Suzanne Stark
Mr. Scott Steenburg
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Stewart
Elizabeth Stewart
Stofer Family
Strack Family
Mr. Greg Stricker
Kathleen Stubbe Truitt
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Summerlot
Mr. Brian Summers
Mr. and Mrs. Jeremy K. Swaim
Ms. Jennifer Tang
Tarver Family
Ms. Doreen Tatnall
Ms. Lori Taylor
John T. Thompson
Thompson Family
Scott and Jennifer Thum
Seneca Toms
John and Ann Trimble
Mr. and Mrs. David J. Trotter
Dr. and Mrs. Tom Turpin
Todd and Lisa Uhl
Mrs. Tammy Utterback
Ms. Beverly Vancil
Ms. Lisa VanMeter
Mr. Tim Vanzant
Mr. Micah Vincent
Vincent Family
Ms. Jessica Vogel
Mr. Thomas Vogel
Ms. Linda Walker
Walther Family
Mr. Rich Walton
David and Susan Wantz
Alan and Jenny Washburn
Mr. David Watkins
Weaver Family
Wechter Family
Wehmer Family
Ethan & Ashlynn Wells
Ms. Riley Wendt
Ms. Deborah West
Ms. Libby Whipple
Ms. Vicky White
White Family
Wiesert Family
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony J. Williams
Mr. Bruce Williams
Mrs. Kristi Williams and Ms. Marci A. Davis
Olgen Williams
Mr. Patrick Williams
Mr. and Mrs. James Wischmeier
Ms. Vicky Woeste
Ms. Jennifer Wolfe
Mr. Charlie Wood
Ms. Sherry Wood
Terry Wood
Woodall Family
Woodrum Family
Mr. David Wooldridge
Chris Wright
Megan Wright
Yelinek Family
Ms. Lola Yoder
Yoder Family
Ms. Jeannie Young
Ms. Karen Young
Zerr Family
Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Zicht
Jerry Zimmerman, Ph.D.
Debbie Zygmunt
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