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Updated on June 13, 2023

A Classic Party Rental
ADM Alliance Nutrition
AES Indiana
Ag Plus
Albanese Confectionery Group, Inc.
Alliant Insurance Services, Inc.
American Dairy Association of Indiana
Bio Town Ag
Brad Howell Ford
Browning Day
Buckingham Foundation, Inc.
Casey's General Stores
Chip-N Seal Farms
Circle City Ghostbusters
Circle Design Group
The CISCO Companies
Cloverdale Agri-Center Inc.
Co-Alliance Cooperative, Inc.
Corteva Agriscience
Cox Cattle Farms
Dan Willoughby Sales, Inc.
Duke Energy
Eclipse Staffing and Security
Elkhart County 4-H and Agricultural Exposition, Inc.
Event Marketing Strategies, Inc.
Extreme Networks
Fair Oaks Farm Management, LLC
Fare Foods
Farm Bureau Foundation
Farm Credit Mid-America
First Electric Supply
First Farmers Bank & Trust
Funk Family Farm
Glick Philanthropies
Grand Rapids Popcorn
Gregory & Appel Insurance
Hathaway Strategies, LLC
Hendricks County 4-H and Agri Fair Association Inc.
The Heritage Group
Hopkins Food Service
Howard County 4-H Fair
Huffer and Son Construction
Hunt Construction Group, Inc.
Ice Miller LLP
Indiana Beef Cattle Association
Indiana Bridal Show
Indiana Corn Marketing Council
Indiana Ethanol Producers Association, Inc.
Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance
Indiana Hockey Club, LLC
Indiana Lions Foundation Inc
Indiana Natural Resources Foundation
Indiana Pork
Indiana Soybean Alliance
Indiana State Fair Cattle Barn Staff
Indiana State Fair Swine Barn Staff
Indiana State Poultry Association
Indy Fuel
International Alliance Theatrical Stage Employees Local 30
J.S. Held, LLC
Jack Rodibaugh & Sons, Inc.
Joshua Charles Clifford Memorial
JPMorgan Chase Bank
Kenneth Limp Farms Inc.
Konica Minolta Business Solutions
Koorsen Fire & Security
Lacy Foundation
LEAP Foundation
Lewis Wagner, LLP
LH Ice Cream dba Dippin Dots
Lynn T. Love Trust
MacAllister Machinery, Co. Inc
Marion County Farm Bureau Inc.
Maywood Farms
McClamroch Brothers Company
Meatball Factory LLC
Merley Farms
Monday Club
Mothershead Foundation
N.K. Hurst Company
National FFA
Network for Good
Norfolk Southern Foundation
North American Midway Entertainment LLC
Old National
Parker Farms
Plews Shadley Racher & Braun LLP
POET Biorefining - Alexandria
Purdue Extension
Purdue University
Putnam County Master Gardeners
R & N Nash Farms LLC
Ray's Trash Service Inc.
Robbins Family Trust
Robin Ridge Farm LLC c/o Mike Fagg
Rule Show Pigs
S & E Enterprises
Schmidt Associates
SDE Farms Inc.
Showmen Supplies, Inc.
Shuter Sunset Farms, Inc.
Sills Farms
The Andersons, Inc.
Turner Construction
Ummel Farms
United Animal Health, Inc.
United Way of Central Indiana
Upperhand Genetics LLC
Urban One
Urick Concessions, LLC
Villwock Family Charitable Fund
Visit Indy
Weaver Popcorn Company, Inc.
Willoughby Sales Custodial
Wischmeier Companies, Inc.
Zink Distributing
Zurbuch Development Construction Consulting
Mr. W. Michael Ainley
Ms. Crystal L. Allison
Ray Allison & Family
Mr. Gary Anderson
Anderson Family
Mr. and Mrs. Dan Armstrong
Armstrong Family
Mr. and Mrs. Nathan R. Arnholt
Justin and Julie Audenaert
Ms. Luanne Aurelius
Ayers Family
Mr. Carl Baker
Ms. Theresa Baker
Ms. Alma Banning
Terri Barber
Ms. Kim Barnhart
Jeffery & Dena Barrie
Ms. Laura Barton
Mr. Mike Bechina
Warren and DeeDee Beeler
Karen Beeson
Alexis K. Behnkendorf
Bell Family
Bender Family
Katherine Benedict
Bennett Family
Keith Berry
Ms. Nancy Berry
Mr. Andrew Bills
Mr. Dale Birkey
Tammy Blickenstaff
Craig Bohbrink
Mr. and Mrs. David Bonnell
Ms. Pam Boocher
Bos Family
Doug , Sharon & Brooke Bowen, Dustin Tincher
Bradford Family
Ms. Rebecca Bradley
Ms. Sandi Bragdon
Brake Family
Ms. Cortney Brandt
Mr. and Mrs. Daryl Branneman
Blaine & Katey Evans
Mr. Robert Bratton
Ms. Bonita Bray
Marshelle Broadwell
Brock Family
Brockhaus Family
Deborah Bronnenberg
Mr. Jimmy Brown
Mr. and Mrs. Hal Brown
Ms. Anna Brown-Mitchell
Broyles Family
Mr. Doug Bulthuis
Mr. Bill Bush
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Butcher
Dick and Jamie Street Butler
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffery W. Campbell
Ms. Tamara M. Candler
Cardinal Family
Mr. Emmitt Carney
Carothers Family
Mr. Greg Carr
Mr. Brandt Carter
Mr. Kevin Cates
Ms. Elizabeth Chaffee
Chambers Family
Steve Charlton Family
Chastain Family
Bob and Deb Cherry
Chestnut Family
Cayla Chiddister
Kent and Isabella Chism
Dr. and Mrs. Ellsworth Christmas
Geoff and Elaine Clark (Dippin Dots)
Ms. Loralie Coffin
Mr. Gerald Collins
Chad Colvin & Family
Mr. Joel Conner
Connor Family
Ms. Mary Conway
Linda Cook

Mr. and Mrs. Gene Cooper
Cooper Family
Mr. and Mrs. Barry Crump
Kendell Culp
Ms. Vicki Cummings
The Daniels Family
Dave and Teresa Danner
Brandon Davis
Mr. Ricky Davison
Ms. Stephanie Davison
David and Brenda Day
Morgan Day
Nathan Day
Ellen DeFreese
Dice Family
Ms. Barbara Dirks
John N. Dirlam
Ms. Pam Dobbin
Dodd Family
Mr. Rod Dorich
Dorrel Family
Mr. Eric Drigenberg
Ms. Amanda Duncan
Durham Family
Mr. Jim Dussinger
Ms. Julie A. Duttlinger
Ms. Nancy Eagle
Easters Family
Mr. Doug Edge
Eiler Family
Lee Ann and Tim Eizinger
Elliott Family
Mr. Bryan Ellis
Mr. Randall Embry
Emmert Family
Ms. Elizabeth Engelhardt
Ms. Nan Engle
Blaine & Katey Evans
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth S. Evens
Bruce Everhart
David Farmer
Taylor, Kristen, Scarlett and Stetson Farrer
Mark Faust
Ms. Margaret Feemster
Robert Finkel
Aaron Fisher
Linda and Bruce Flanagan
Craig Flandermeyer
The Fleece Family
Ms. Gillian Fletcher
Florian Family
Fonner Family
Mr. Mark Ford
Lee & Lesli Fordice & Family
Ms. Linda Foster
Sam and Joni Frain
The Francis/Cox Family
Mitch and Lindsey Frazier
Freed Family
Scott and Karen Fritz
Fuller Family
Mr. Don Gandolf
Freesia Gao
Gard Family
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Gauck
Mr. Brian Geraghty
Ms. Melisa Germain
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Gesellchen
Mr. Robert J. Geswein
Dr. Tracey Gillespie and Mr. Mark Keehn
Gillis Family
Gillman Family
Ms. Susan Gilmore
Kelsey Ginder
Mr. Bruce Gingerich
Mrs. Margaret Gladden
Glassburn Family
Earl and Vicki Goode
Goodman Family
Jeffrey Goodspeed
Paul and Diane Graf
Graham Family
The John & Lisa Gregg Family Fund
Hale Family
Hallam Family
Mr. and Mrs. Wesley Hamilton
Brice & Eliza Harker Family Waldron, IN
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel J. Harker
Harrah Family
Gary & Mary Harris & Family
Clint Harrison
Hart Family
Mr. Nick Hartley
Hartzell Family
Mr. Travis Harvey
Haupert Family
Hawk Family
Hay Family
Michael Hayden
Terry, Susan, Lillian & Hayley Hayhurst
Mr. and Mrs. Randy Haymaker
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Heber
Hedden Family
Ms. Vicki Heidenreich
Robyn Heine
Hensley Family
Corey and Danielle Herbert
Mr. Douglas Herd
Hershberger Family
Jerome Hesters
Kerri and Aaron Hilbers and Family
Ms. Rita Hine
Hodson Family
Mr. Drew Hoffman
Governor Eric Holcomb
Holliday Family
Ms. Isabella Hong
Mr. Barry Hooker
Steven and Ruth Hopkins
Mr. Bryan Hough
Cynthia Hoye
Patricia A. Hudson
Hughes Family
Hull Family
Mrs. Carla Hurt
Mr. Justin Hussey
Mr. Blake Huston
Mr. Marcus Irrthum
Anthony & Marjorie Izzo
Mr. and Mrs. Norbert Jackson
Ms. Julie Jahn
Mr. Dan Johnson
Ms. Jan Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. Michael W. Johnson
Dr. Jeffrey Jones
Lila Jones
Ms. Michelle Jones
Richard Jones
Mrs. Kristi Jordan
Ms. Lisa Junk
Mr. Bruce Kamplain
Mr. Larry Kane
Keaffaber Family
Jason & Jessica Keeney and family
Ms. Laura Kehoe
Kelley Family
Amy & Joe Kelsay Family
Ms. Anne Kender
Mr. and Mrs. James Kilmer
Mr. Art Kim
Ms. Rebecca Kincaid
Ms. Beverly Kinkead
Ms. Laura Kirby
Mr. Robert Kirk
Mr. and Mrs. Lyle Klemm
Mrs. Erin Kline
Ms. Kay Klosterman
Knotts Family
Kober Family
Ms. Mary Beth Kohart
Korenstra Family
Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas J. Korniak
Ms. Christy Krieg
Kromberg Family
Mr. and Mrs. Randy Kron
Mr. and Mrs. Lynn Kuhn
Mrs. Deb Kunce
Mr. Scott Kunz
Elizabeth and J.A. Lacy
Ms. Melanie Ladd
Dr. and Mrs. Bruce L. Lamb
Mr. and Mrs. Arick A. Landis
Mr. and Mrs. Roy E. Langdon
Mr. and Mrs. George Lanning
Ms. Loraine LaPole
Mr. Benjamin Larson
Chad and Tina Lauer
Mr. Ed Lausch
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Lechlitner
Jean Leising
Ms. Sandra Lemmon
Ms. Isabella Liao
Mr. Nathan Liggett
Liu Family
James T. Lockwood, Jr.
Ms. Gloria Long
Loper Family
Matthew and Christine Louck
Lowes Family
Barbara Lyons
Stacey L. Mabe
Magnuson Family
Ms. Liz Main
Ms. Carol Marlin
Mr. Brian Marmoreo
Bret D. Marsh, DVM
Ms. Angie Martin
Ms. Judy Martineau
Lonnie Mason
Ms. Kim Mathews
Matsuda Family
Claire and Andy Maxson
Mr. Jarrod May
May Family
Mr. Jacob Maynard
Mr. and Mrs. Mark McClamroch
Mr. Jeff McDaniel
Ms. B.J. McElroy

Pat and Sylvia McKeever
Mr. Craig McLaren
Ms. Karen McTague
Jon and Carol Meeks
Ms. Cyndy Meier
Ms. Stephanie Metz
Meyer Family
Miles Family
Garry and Lisa Miller
Mr. Gary Miller
Mr. William Minion
Jeff & Gwen Mize
Elisha Modisett Kemp
Ms. Donna Monroe
Monroe Family
Musser Family
Mrs. Natalie Myers
Neal Family
Ms. Sally Neff
Marc and Robbie Nelson
Neukam Farms, Sam & Sandy
Tom Newcom Family
Mr. William Nitz
Don and Susie Nixon
Norris Family
Northcutt Family
Patrick Norton
Ms. Gloria Novotney
Mrs. Kathi O'Farrell
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick O'Neil
Mr. Edward O'Neill
Mr. and Mrs. Chris Oliger
Mr. Pete Oren
The Osterman Family
Larry and Chris Ott
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Ott
Jim & Liz Outzs
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Overton
Mr. Rob Pape
Michael and Cynthia Patterson & Family
Paul Family
Ms. Sandra Pedrick
Peek Family
Ms. Brenda Pettigrew
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Phelps
Mr. Jon Phillips
Mr. Richard Phillipy
Pinnick Family
Ms. Tara Plantenga
Mr. Andrew Plogsted
Alfred E. Polin
Ms. Ruth B. Polter
Mr. and Mrs. Marc Prichard
Mrs. Tecia Pruitt
Mr. John Pullins
Ms. Lilly Quesenberry
John Rasmussen
Doris Ratcliff
Mike and Valerie Rayce
Ms. Rachael Reavis
Ms. Christie Reeder
Reeves Family
Mr. Gary Reinhart
Matt and Melissa Rekeweg
Revell Family
Ms. Lisa Reynolds
A Fair Friend From Iowa
Reynolds Family
Reynolds Family
Mr. Aron Rhoads
David Rhoads Family
Ms. Annette Richard
N. Jane (Moore) Richardson
Mr. Richard Ridge
Riggs Family
Rinker/Van Natta Family
Cris Rivas
Mike & Becky Roach, Sarah Phelps, Jim & Barb Vaughn and Sam Vaughn
Mr. David B. Pickens and Mrs. Miriam Robeson
Ms. Susan Robinson
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey D. Rodibaugh
Ms. Tamara Roe
Ms. Kimberly Rogers
Mrs. Renee Rogers
Mr. and Mrs. Scott A. Rohls
Mr. Daryn Romine
Rule Family
The Rush Family, in Memory of Steve Rush
Chuck and Sally Rushmore
Rodney Cline, William Allee and Wayne Hodge, Walnut Chapel Cemetery Board members, Gary Salsman
Ms. Carrie Savage-Zimmerman
Tiffany Scamihorn
Scarborough Family
Mr. Fritz Schanz
Mr. Robert Schembs
Greg and Claudia Schenkel
Ms. Jodie Schmitt
Steve and Gloria Schneider
Mr. and Mrs. Rex D. Schrader, II
Schreeg Family
Mr. Sven Schumacher
Ms. Michelle Schumm
Ms. Kerry L. Schwartze
Ted Scott
Dr. and Mrs. Gene E. Sease
Selner Family
Joe and Rosann Settles family
Seward Family
Roger Sherer
Sherman Family
Mr. Charles Sicking
Mark R. Sigler
Fred and Linda Siktberg
Terrence Simpson, State Fair Band Announcer for 58 years
David Sinclair Family
Val & Tom Slack
Blaine Smith
Mrs. Jessica Smith
Mr. Ronald E. Smith
Mr. William Smock
Ms. Julie Sobczak
Sparks Family
Teena and David Spear
Ms. Jo Ann Sporleder
Mike and Tami Spray
Linda Spurrier
Ms. Lizabeth St Clair
Stahl Family
Ms. Ann Stankiewicz
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Stewart
Elizabeth Dru Stewart Goettemoeller
Mr. and Mrs. Chad Stone
Strack Family
Mr. Greg Stricker
Dr. Kurt Strueh
Terry and Karen Strueh
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Summerlot
Mr. Brian Summers
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald L. Sutherlin
Ms. Becky Swails
Mr. and Mrs. Jeremy K. Swaim
Ms. Jennifer Tang
Tarver Family
Ms. Doreen Tatnall
Mr. and Mrs. Mark D. Taulman
Ms. Lori Taylor
Mr. and Mrs. Caleb Thomas
Mr. and Mrs. Justin M. Thomas
Seneca Toms
Ms. Jennifer Tornatta
John and Ann Trimble
Mr. and Mrs. David J. Trotter
Carol & Steve Troxell
Mr. and Mrs. Dean Turner
LuAnne Turner
Dr. and Mrs. Tom Turpin
Christopher T. Uebelhor
Ms. Sue Uhl
Todd and Lisa Uhl
Mrs. Tammy Utterback
The Vanderbur Family
Ms. Lisa VanMeter
Mr. Micah Vincent
Ms. Jessica Vogel
Mr. and Mrs. Dean Walker
Ms. Linda Walker
Walker Family
Walther Family
Mr. Rich Walton
Mrs. Hali Warnick
Alan and Jenny Washburn
Mr. Dave Watkins
Mr. and Mrs. Michael E. Weaver
Weaver Family
Wechter Family
Mr. and Mrs. Don L. Weilhamer
Ms. Martha Wentworth
Mr. Aaron West
Ms. Abbey Wheeler
Mr. Tim Whicker
Mr. and Mrs. Larry White
Ms. Vicky White
White Family
Wilber Family
Carol Wilkerson, John and Diana Straks & Janet & Tim Nolan
Olgen Williams
Dr. Gregory Willoughby
Ms. Sue Wilson
Andrew Winger
Mr. and Mrs. James Wischmeier
Rich & Kristen Wolfred
Mr. Charlie Wood
Ms. Sherry Wood
Woodall Family
Woodrum Family
Gordon Woods
Michael and Maggie Woods
Mr. David Wooldridge
Ms. Constance Worth
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Wright
Mr. Bob Yates
Yelinek Family
Ms. Lola Yoder
Yoder Family
Ms. Amy Young
Ms. Karen Young
Mr. Geoffrey Zentz
Zerr Family
Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Zicht
Jerry Zimmerman, Ph.D.

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