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Accessible parking can be found just inside Gate 1, the southwest corner of the infield adjacent to the ADA accessible walk tunnel and the south lot of the Indiana School for the Deaf. Most restrooms are accessible to persons with disabilities.

Free-standing ATM’s are found around the Fairgrounds.

Nursing mothers may visit Hook’s Historic Drug Store Annex First Aid or a Mamava pod can be found in the Purdue Extension Building.

Visit either location to nurse your babies, use the changing station, or gather information about women’s and infant health issues.

All bags must be 9” x 10” x 12” or smaller. All bags are subject to search prior to entering the Indiana State Fairgrounds. All bags larger than 9” x 10” x 12” will need to be returned to a vehicle or home before entering the Fairgrounds. Lockers are not available for those who arrive with oversized bags. Any prohibited items must be returned to a vehicle or home of they will be confiscated by public safety personnel and not returned. Fairgoers are not limited to the number of bags smaller than 9” x 10” x 12” that they bring in, and all bags may be searched. Any carry-in items for family care such as diaper bags, snacks, or water for children or medical reasons will be permitted – no medical proof or note needed.

In an effort to create a healthier environment for everyone at the State Fair, there are now designated smoking areas stationed around the Fairgrounds. The areas will be clearly marked with protection from the elements and a receptacle for all discarded smoking materials.

First Aid is located in Hook’s Historic Drug Store Annex, near the 38th Street Main Gate (Gate 1), and at the Public Safety Center near Fall Creek Pavilion (Gate 6). Emergency ambulance service is available. During the Fair they can be reached by calling (317) 927-7520.

One of the best things about the Indiana State Fair is the chance to get close to all the different animals. The safest way to enjoy the animals is to be sure and wash your hands each time after contact with any animal at the Fair. This is especially important for young children. As you stroll around the Fairgrounds, you will notice dozens of hand-sanitizing stations and restrooms.

Please take advantage of them to keep your hands clean, especially if you are about to enjoy some delicious Fair food! BE SMART, STAY HEALTHY, WASH YOUR HANDS! Wash your hands after petting any animal – it’s the best way to enjoy the Great Indiana State Fair.

Gates open each day at 9AM. No tickets will be sold after 8PM. *All times dependent on weather and other unforeseen conditions*

The State Fair Information Booths pres. by Prairie Farms can be found at Gate 6, Gate 12, in the northeast corner of Pioneer Village, and on State Fair Blvd just inside Gate 1. Visitors can receive information about events, concessions and receive FREE sunscreen.

Fair information line is (317) 927-7500.

Anyone who leaves the Fairgrounds and would like to return later must get their hand stamped, or they will have to pay the $14 entrance fee upon return. The hand stamp is only good for the day it is issued. Each day of the Fair, a stamp with a different symbol, number or color will be used. If the fairgoer does not have the specific stamp that corresponds to the stamp of the day, then they will have to pay the $14 admission fee. Hand stamps are available until 7:30PM. The Gate Supervisor will oversee this procedure. No re-entry into the Fair after 8PM.

Please contact the Public Safety Center during the Fair at (317) 927-7520 with any reports of lost children.


If you have lost something during the State Fair, contact the State Fair Lost & Found Office located in the new Indiana Farm Bureau Fall Creek Pavilion / Swine Barn or call 317-927-1413. Located on the east side of the State Fairgrounds, the State Police office is accessible through the office entrance off Main Street. Look for entry labeled State Police.

After the Fair is over, you may reach out switchboard at 317-927-7500.

Fairgoers under the age of eighteen (18) must be accompanied by a parent, legal guardian, or chaperone (age 21+) to enter the Indiana State Fair starting at 6PM daily.
  • Each adult may chaperone up to six (6) individuals and must remain at the Fairgrounds while the minors they are chaperoning are still present.
  • Any minors under the age of 18 not accompanied by an adult will not be admitted.
  • Any person entering may be asked to show a valid driver’s license, state identification card, or other government issued ID.
  • Does not apply to organized and ticketed group outings or those participating in competitions where existing chaperone procedures are in place.

Gates open at 9AM. Parking is $10 in the Infield. Cars & vans may enter through the 38th St. Main Gate, Fall Creek Parkway Gate, or Gate 10 at the northeast corner on 42nd Street. Guests can also park at the Indiana School for the Deaf off of 42nd Street for $10.

Animals, including pets and emotional support animals are prohibited. ADA Service Animals are permitted.

All guests entering through gates are subject to search. Prohibited items include weapons, drones, pets/emotional support animals, recreational scooters (Lime, Bird, etc). For a complete list of prohibited items, click here.

Restrooms are located in the following buildings:
  • Indiana Farm Bureau Fall Creek Pavilion
  • Purdue Extension Building
  • West of the MHS Family Fun Park
  • The Mercantile (at Ag/Hort)
  • South Pavilion/Saddle Horse Barn
  • Cattle Barn/West Pavilion
  • Corteva Agriscience™ FFA Pavilion
  • Expo Hall
  • Land of Legends (Harvest Pavilion)
  • Hoosier Lottery Grandstand
  • RV Campground
  • Speed Barn
  • 4-H Exhibit Hall
  • DNR Building
  • Northwest Pavilion
  • Champions Pavilion
  • Indiana Arts Building
  • West Side Communications Building
  • Blue Ribbon Pavilion
Shuttle service is FREE! Shuttles are sponsored by FedEx Employees Credit Association, Hoosier Lottery, Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission/Indiana 811, MHS, Sleep Number, Tractor Supply Co.

The ADA-Accessible Shuttle sponsored by Easterseals Crossroads is available for persons with disabilities.

Shuttle service is available Wednesdays 10AM-10PM, Thursday from 10AM – 5PM, Fridays-Sundays 10AM – 10PM.

The State Police Information booths are located in the Public Safety Center near Gate 6, (317) 927-1400, across from the Administration Building on main street, and across from the Corteva Agriscience FFA Pavilion.

The Great Indiana State Fair is known for its festive atmosphere and beautiful fairgrounds. Please help us keep it that way! Dozens of trash containers are located throughout the Fairgrounds for your convenience. Thanks for your help in keeping the Indiana State Fair the cleanest fair in the country!

No person in possession of a deadly weapon shall be permitted onto or be permitted to remain on the Fairgrounds (including knives); any person properly licensed to carry a firearm must secure the firearm in a locked compartment of his/her vehicle and it shall not be visible to a passerby. Off-duty police officers with valid credentials can carry concealed on the property.

Severe weather, such as lightning, hail, high winds, tornados, or severe thunderstorms, can be dangerous to guests and staff when outside. At these times, the Fairgrounds will close the gates and ask all guests and staff to seek shelter in a building. If you are approaching the Fair during severe weather, remain in your vehicle until gates reopen. Check Indiana State Fair social media channels for updates.

Scootaround is the exclusive scooter & wheelchair rental service for the Indiana State Fair. Visit them inside of the 38th Street Main Gate Entrance and on the south side of the Infield from 8AM – 10:30PM or inside Gate 12 from 9AM – 10:30PM. Click Here for more information.

Under Indiana law, an agritourism provider is not liable for an injury to, or the death of, a participant in agritourism activities at this location if the death or injury results from the inherent risks of agritourism activity. Inherent risks of agritourism activities include risks of injury inherent to land, equipment, and animals as well as the potenital for you to act in a negligent manner that may contribute to your injury or death, or for other participants to act in a manner that may cause you injury or cause your death. You are assuming the risk of participating in this agritourism activity.

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