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The Journey of Corn

Grades: 3rd – 6th Grade
Duration: 60 minute virtual experience followed by a 50 - 90 minute lesson plan

Hosted by the Indiana State Fairgrounds & Event Center, The Journey of Corn is a new virtual program designed to teach students in grades 3-6 how the corn products they use every day originate on the farm! Students will learn about how corn is grown on the farm, production terminology, and take part in two hands-on activities during the virtual connection.

We have the ability to accommodate your classes no matter if you are meeting in person, virtually or a hybrid.


September 12 * October 1 & 3



Please register at least 2 weeks prior to your session to ensure classroom kit delivery to your classroom!


FREE participation - FREE lesson plan kit for class

Program Layout

Introductory Lesson Plans: The Story of Corn
  • Introduce the concept of corn production and the industry that makes corn products possible
  • 50-90 minutes of lesson plans to be completed prior to virtual experience
  • Classroom teacher delivered
  • Utilized to eliminate defining vocabulary and key concepts during virtual experience
  • Entices participants to be more engaged in virtual experience
Virtual Fieldtrip: A Complete Corn Experience
  • Go live via ZOOM for 3 activities — connect live with a corn farm, create a corn farm in a glove, participate in a hands-on science activity with corn starch.
  • 60 minute experience using hands-on and multimedia components
  • Highly interactive and engaging
Follow-up Lesson Plans: Corn, Connections and Careers
  • Fun activities to follow-up on The Journey of Corn, careers, introduce recipes, corn product scavenger hunt, and writing prompts.
  • 50-90 minutes of lesson plans to be completed after participating in virtual experience
  • Classroom teacher delivered
  • Utilized to layer reinforcement of vocabulary and key concepts

What you get

All lesson plans and kit sent prior to the scheduled virtual fieldtrip

virtual experience

Virtual programming will be delivered via Zoom, from the Indiana State Fairgrounds.

connections Requirements

  • Ability to connect via Zoom
  • Internet connection — Hard connection preferred
  • Device (Computer, iPad, phone)
  • Camera
  • Microphone
  • Speakers
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