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Indiana State Fair Field Trips

The Indiana State Fair Field Trips are an opportunity for Classroom and Home Educators to enhance curriculum by utilizing an educational experience that cannot be accomplished in the classroom setting!

The Wonder Trail presented by Corteva Agriscience™ – Navigate and Learn Encounter
Self-Guided But Directed

The Wonder Trail pres. by Corteva Agriscience™ is a self-guided trail around the Indiana State Fair that enhances classroom curriculum or family discussion by utilizing agriculture as a teaching model. Participants have the opportunity to explore agriculture by following the trail around the Fairgrounds, engaging in 12 different activities by navigating a map. Students will receive a prize when they complete at least 8 of the 12 activities.

The trail takes approximately 2.5 hours to complete.

Grades: 2-8
Dates Available: TBD
Curriculum Tie: Geography & Agriculture
Cost: $7 per student; $7 per adult chaperone. Teachers are FREE.

Animal Experience – Interact and Learn Encounter
Self-Guided But Directed

There are many places to see and learn about animals during a visit to the 2023 Indiana State Fair! The Education Staff will help you coordinate your itinerary based on your arrival and departure times. Students will receive a lanyard, pencil, and activity sheets. A sneak peek at a few of the animal activities in which your students will be engaging during their three-hour experience are:
  • Animal Town – an interactive area, where students will see each species that is shown or on display at the 2023 Indiana State Fair including llamas, horses, rabbits and more. Students will have the opportunity to meet the animals and complete an animal activity.
  • Daily Livestock Show – visit a livestock show and learn about how animals are judged in competition.
  • Goat Mountain – goats, goats and more goats! Many breeds are represented at this popular exhibit, including energetic Pygmy goats, Boer goats, the beautiful Angora goat, and various dairy goats. Students will have the opportunity to see the goats play and roam the mountain.
Grades: K-6
Dates Available: TBD
Curriculum Tie: Animal Husbandry, Animal Habitats, Science
Cost: $7 per student; $7 per adult chaperone. Teachers are FREE.

The Science of Deep Fried Food - A Virtual Field Trip Experience

You know it, you love it...fried food! This FREE virtual experience will engage students in their seats on the science involved in Deep Fried Fair Food: from states of matter, nutrition to creation of their own product. Ultimately understanding that enjoying this classic Fair food could not exist without science and creativity.

Students will get a behind the scenes look at how one of fairgoers’ favorite deep-fried fair treats are made. Teachers will receive post lesson plans to draw upon the 60-minute experience.

Sign up today as participation is limited!

Grades: 4-6
Dates Available: TBD
Cost: Students and Teachers are FREE
Self-Guided Field Trips
Teachers and students will explore the 2023 Indiana State Fair through their own unique self-guided experience by selecting activities and experiences that compliment classroom curriculum. Groups will receive Indiana State Fair Daily Sheets to see what’s happening that day at the Fair with a map for navigation.

Experiences Include:
  • Animal Town
  • Little Hands on the Farm
  • Take Out Garden
  • Normandy Barn
  • Glass Barn
  • Pioneer Village
  • ...and more!
Dates Available: TBD
Cost: $7 per student; $7 per adult chaperone. Teachers are FREE.


Parking is FREE to buses and marked school vehicles. Chaperones driving separately will be charged $10 to park.
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