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Youth Development

The Youth Development Fund acknowledges the achievement, scholarship, and hard work of 4-H youth competing in the Great Indiana State Fair through the Celebration of Champions.

The Celebration of Champions awards program provides monetary awards to the champions of both livestock and non-livestock 4-H projects. This exclusive lunch is the culmination of the youth’s competition year and is a chance to celebrate their achievement with their family. The unique event is fully funded through philanthropy.

The Ceremony celebrates the top six in 4-H sheep and swine, top five in 4-H beef, the Grand Champion Dairy Steer, the Grand and Reserve Grand Champion Meat Goat Wether, the Grand Champion 4-H Commercial Waterfowl, the Grand Champion 4-H Garden Exhibit, the Champion Cache of 4-H Honey, the Grand Champion 4-H Meat Pen of Rabbits, and the Grand Champion 4-H Meat Type Chickens. Also included is the recognition of the Best of Show from the 4-H Exhibit Hall. All champions are selected through the Indiana State Fair Grand Drive and exhibition judges.

The Celebration of Champions raises awareness of the hard work and continued effort that each of these 4-H champions must do to be at the top of their respective projects. It is also important to allow these champions to celebrate their performance and for the supports from across the state to recognize the commitment. Participants in each competition are given something to strive for and see the benefits of hard work.

As the final area of achievement for young people, the Celebration of Champions allows for time to reflect after Grand Drive. This distinctive event allows youth to network with each other as well as the agriculture leaders, agriculture companies, and supports of 4-H youth to build relationships that last for years to come. This community and recognition encourages youth to continue in the livestock and agriculture realm professionally.

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