Updated on January 29, 2020
3D Professional Contracting, Inc.
A Classic Party Rental
ADM Alliance Nutrition
Ag Plus, In Honor of Craig Sherbahn
AgriNovus Indiana
Albanese Confectionery Group, Inc.
Allen Whitehill Clowes Charitable Foundation, Inc.
Alliant Insurance Services, Inc.
The Beck Foundation
Belstra Milling
Bio Town Ag, Inc.
Brier Brewery
Browning Day
Buckingham Foundation, Inc.
Cardinal Spirits
Cargill, Inc.
Casey's General Stores
Certified Indiana Bred Inc.
Chip-N Seal Farms
The CISCO Companies
Citizens Energy Group
The Columbia Club
CORE Planning Strategies
Corteva Agriscience
Countryside Spinners
Crochet Guild of Indianapolis
Crossroads Genetics, Inc.
Crowe LLP
Dan Willoughby Sales, Inc.
Dippin Dots
Dirt Works & Asphalt Paving Inc.
Duke Energy
Easley Winery
Eastern Pulaski Community School Corporation
Elements Financial
Elkhart County 4-H and Agricultural Exposition, Inc.
Environmental Pest Control Inc.
Fare Foods
Farm Credit Mid-America
First Farmers Bank & Trust
First Merchants Bank
Fresco Financial Advisers
Galaxy Amusement Sales, Inc.
Grand Rapids Popcorn
Greenbrook Farms
Gregory & Appel Insurance
Hallett Sports and Entertainment, LLC
Hanenkratt Grain Co., Inc.
Harvest Land Co-op
Hathaway Strategies, LLC
Honda Manufacturing of Indiana, LLC
Hopkins Food Service
Horizon League
Hulman & Company Foundation, Inc.
Ice Miller LLP
Illiana Rabbit Breeders Assoc.
Indiana Association of Fairs
Indiana Beef Cattle Association
Indiana Dairy Goat Association
Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance
Indiana Farm Bureau, Inc
Indiana Farmers Insurance
Indiana Hockey Club, LLC
Indiana Lions Foundation Inc
Indiana Natural Resources Foundation
Indiana Pork
Indiana Soybean Alliance
Indiana Standardbred Association
Indiana State Department of Agriculture
Indiana Statewide Association of Rural Electric Cooperatives
Indiana Veterinary Medical Association
Indianapolis Public Library
International Alliance Theatrical Stage Employees
IU Health
J.P. Morgan
Jack Rodibaugh & Sons, Inc.
JRS Show Supply LLC
Kar Auction Services
Kent Nutrition Group
Kentland Elevator and Supply, Inc.
Keystone Business and Community Association
Knauth Show Pigs
Konica Minolta Business Solutions
Koorsen Fire & Security
Kova Ag Products, Inc.
KSM Consulting
L & W Showpigs
Lacy Foundation
Laird Premium Blend Genetics
Land O'Lakes Foundation
Lee Farms Enterprises, Inc.
Lewis Wagner, LLP
LifeJourney Church
Lilly Endowment Inc.
Maple Leaf Farms, Inc.
Marion County Farm Bureau Inc.
Marketplace Events
Maywood Farms
Meatball Factory Deli
Miller Pipeline, LLC
Monarch Beverage
Mothershead Foundation
N.K. Hurst Company
National FFA
Nogginwerks, LLC
North American Midway Entertainment LLC
Old National Bancorp
On Demand Staffing, Inc.
Pacers Sports & Entertainment
Plews Shadley Racher & Braun LLP
POET Biorefining - Alexandria
Posh Coiffure Studios
Pulaski Memorial Hospital
Purdue University
Radio One
Ray's Trash Service Inc.
Reynolds Farm Equipment, Inc.
Roy Umbarger & Sons, Inc.
RPM Technologies, LLC
Saffire, LLC
SAFY Indianapolis
Sam's Club 8168
Schmidt Associates
Sease, Gerig & Associates
Shaffer Goldrush
Shiel Sexton
Showmen Supplies, Inc.
Shuter Sunset Farms, Inc.
Spectrum Weather & Specialty Insurance, Inc.
Sun King Brewery
Turner Construction
Ungerboeck Software International
United Animal Health, Inc.
Urick Concessions, LLC
Villwock Farms
Visit Indy
Weaver Popcorn Company, Inc.
Weaving Indiana
WGU Indiana
Winamac, Class of 1967
Wischmeier Companies, Inc.
Ms. Sally Aikin
Ray, Jenn & Reese Allison
Mark Anderson
Anderson Family
Dan Armstrong
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Armstrong
Nathan Arnholt
Ms. Luanne Aurelius
Ms. Jennifer Baker
Baker Family
Barnette Family
Ms. Sara Bartleson
Bobbi Leckrone Bates and Eric Karwisch
Ms. Patricia Beck
Ms. Sherry L. Beck
Alexis Behnkendorf
Katherine Benedict
Bennington Family
Julie Berger
Beste Family
Ms. Cindy Beuoy
Bewley Family
Beyer Family
Mr. and Mrs. Herman Bick
Mr. and Mrs. Karl A. Bick
Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Bol
Ms. Mandy Bollenbacher
Ms. Monica L. Bolton
Ms. Virginia Boocher
Gary Borgmann & Sandy Key
Bill Bourne
Branam Family
Ms. Bonnie Bray
Marshelle Broadwell
Brock Family
Mr. Dale Brockhoff
Mr. and Mrs. John H. Brooke
Mr. and Mrs. Pete Brown
Ms. Phyllis Brown
Mr. Cory Buenning
Mr. Richard L. Butler and Dr. Jamie Street-Butler
Byers Family
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffery W. Campbell
Ms. Kathy Kay Campbell
Ms. Janet Capps
Mr. Emmitt Carney
Carothers Family
Carsey Family
Dr. and Mrs. Ellsworth Christmas
Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Christopher
Mr. and Mrs. Ron Clauson
Mr. Brad Cleveland
Mr. and Mrs. Terry Clifford
Phillip E. Cline
Cline Family
Gary Cochard
Mr. Geoff Cochran
Conrad Family
Linda Cook
Mr. and Mrs. Brent S. Cox
Cox Family
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Crabb
Ms. Vicki Cummings
Dafforn Family
Mr. Kenneth Daly
The Daniels Family
Dave and Teresa Danner
Ms. Stephanie Davison
Ms. Judy DeGan
Nick DeKryger
Ms. Stephanie J. Dellinger
Steve, Lisa, Zach, Jake & Rachel Diener
John N. Dirlam
Mr. Trent Dishman
Ms. Pam Dobbin
Dodd Family
Leslie Donchetz and Michael Dick
Mrs. Melissa Dorrel
Douglass Family
Dramen Family
Ms. Allison Duncan
Mr. Doug Edge
Eggleston Family
Ashton and Jessica Eller
Suzy Elliott
Elliott Family
Mr. Joe Elsener
Ms. Mary Jo Engle
Mr. Mike Etchison
Megan Eve
Ms. Cheryl Evens
Mr. Michael J. Farmer
Mr. Ronald Ferry
Ms. Tonya Figg
Mr. Ronald Finley
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Flanagan
Mr. and Mrs. Dirk E. Fleck
Fleetwood Family
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Fontenot
Ms. Meggie Foster
Fowler Family
Mrs. Jennifer Freeman
Scott and Karen Fritz
Fuller Family
Mr. Wayne Funk
Jack Gaby and Robert Gaby
Mr. Rick Galloway
Ms. Diane Gann
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Gauck
Ms. Patience Gaydos
Dorothea and Philip Genetos
Gillis Family
Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Glaser
Glassburn Family
Marianne Glick & Mike Woods
Celya Glowacki
Lynda Goeke
Mr. and Mrs. Bret Goff
Mr. and Mrs. Earl A. Goode
Goodlett Family
Ms. Nancy A. Goodwin
Graper Family
Joanna Greene
Mrs. Christi Gutfreund
Mr. Wesley Hamilton
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel J. Harker
Harpham Family
Harrah Family
Mr. and Mrs. Bob Harrell
Harrell Family
Harrison Family
Hawk Family
Hawkins Family
Michael Hayden
Mr. and Mrs. Randy Haymaker
Heath Family
Daniel Hendrickson
Mrs. Melissa Henney
Kale Hensley
Mr. Douglas Herd
Hershberger Family
Hiatt Family
Kerri and Aaron Hilbers
Ms. Deborah Hilton
Mr. and Mrs. John Hinkle
Hoback Family
Ms. Mary Holland
Ms. Emma Hopkins-O'Brien
Mark Howard
The Hoye Family
Dana and Ted Huber
Patricia A. Hudson
Ms. Melissa Huff
Mr. Neil A. Huff
Hughes Family
Derek Hugo
Mr. Tracy Hunter
Ms. Sharon Irving
The Izzo Family
Mrs. Emily James
James Family
Jennifer A. Jarck
Jeffiers Family
Ms. Jan Johnson
Mrs. Darlene Juengel
Kantor Family
Keehn Family
Kelley Family
Mrs. Jenny Kelly
Archie Kerr
Mr. James Kilmer
Ms. Rebecca Kincaid
Mrs. Jessica Kitterman
Klawitter Family
Klemm Family
Ms. Mary Beth Kohart
Mr. and Mrs. Lynn Kuhn
Kuhn Family
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce A. Lambert
Lanham Family
Mr. George Lanning
Mr. and Mrs. Erik Larson
Lauer Family
Mr. Ed Lausch
Mr. Michael Lawson
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew C. Leahy
Leeuw Family
Mr. and Mrs. Thad Leininger
Ms. Danielle Line
Line Family
Lockhaert Family
James T. Lockwood, Jr.
Clarence L. Lopp, DDS
Love Family
Ms. Deborah Lutyen
Mrs. Roberta Main
Marrinan Family
Ms. Charity Maxwell
Mr. Greg May
May Family
Cathy McDevitt
McDonald Family
Mr. and Mrs. Albert McDowell
Mr. Bryan McHugh
Mr. Robert R. Mears
Ms. Cyndy Meier
Meiring Family
Rusty and Jeanette Merritt
Mr. Josh Metcalf
Ms. Stephanie Metz
Michel Family
Miles Family
Miller Family
Mr. and Mrs. Mark D. Mills
Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Minnicus
Minter Family
Jeff, Gwen, Cole & Katie Mize
Donald and Beverly Morgan
Spencer Morris
Morris Family
Mr. Erik Mrozinski
Mr. David W. Mullins
Natalie Myers
Mr. Newhouse
Mr. Arthur A. Newman
Geri Newman
Mr. John Nichols
Ms. Jacki Nodine
Noward Family
Kyle OFarrell
Mr. Michael Ort
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Overton
Mr. and Mrs. Mark L. Paschen
Patrick Family
Michael and Cynthia Patterson & Family
Mr. Glen Perkins
Perkinson Family
Ms. Brenda Pettigrew
Plake Family
Alfred E. and Anita D. Polin
Mr. Gary Potts
Mike and Nancy Raab
Ramsey-Neagle Family
Ms. Tami Raute
Travis and Cindy Reader and Family
Mr. Thomas Renk
Mrs. Carol Rider
Ms. Clara E. Rider
Mr. Lance Ridge
Ms. Gail Ringwalt
Robbins Family
Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Roberts
Mr. Arthur Rock
Roessler Family
Ms. Kimberly Rogers
Melissa Rudolph
Margaret Schaller
Mr. Fritz Schanz
Mr. Robert Schembs
Mark Schiess
Ms. Carolyn Schmidt
Ms. Kathy Schulteti
Monika Schultz
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond T. Schultz
Schwab Family
Brian,Barbara,Hudson,Georgia Schwendenmann
Dr. and Mrs. Gene E. Sease
Mr. Jordan S. Seger
Roger Sherer
Sherman Family
Mr. and Mrs. Alan M. Siktberg
Sinclair Family
Staci Singleton
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Slack
Mr. Ronald E. Smith
Dr. Richard and Sharon Sommers
Mr. and Mrs. David Spear
Charles Sponhauer
Ms. Jo Ann Sporleder
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Sprinkle
Ms. Ann Stankiewicz
Stephens Family
Elizabeth Stewart
Stofer Family
Terry and Karen Strueh
Scott E. Swartz
Kristi Swift
Mr. Bill Switlik
Carrie Tarver
Ms. Doreen Tatnall
Ms. Carol Thompson
John and Norma Thompson
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry L. Tolley
Amanda Trent
Dr. and Mrs. Tom Turpin
Ms. Sue Uhl
Todd and Lisa Uhl
Heidi Van Meter
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Vance
Mr. Tim Vanzant
Mr. and Mrs. Don Villwock
Mr. Micah Vincent
Vogel Family
Mr. and Mrs. David A. Wagner
Alan and Jenny Washburn
Ms. Karen Weatherwax
Mark Weaver and Barbara Weaver
Wechter Family
Mr. Robert Wehmer
Ms. Cindy Wells
West Family
Ms. Mary Elizabeth Wheeler
Kaitlin Willbanks
Olgen Williams
Ms. Lucinda Wilson
Ms. Jennifer Wolfe
The Rich Wolfred Family
Mr. Charlie Wood
Mr. Chris Wright
Mr. Brian Wuthrich
Ms. Karen Young
Young Family
Mr. Karl Zemlin
Jerry Zimmerman, Ph.D.
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