Education FAQs

  1. What are frequent Allergies?
    Frequent allergies are gluten (pizza ingredients) and red dye 11 (not used in our sauce). If other allergies are reported we do our best to accommodate the group.
  2. Where do we park for the programs?
    We ask that schools attending an onsite programs park in the gravel parking lot on the east side of Normandy Barn. Normandy is white with a green roof on the north east side of the fair grounds. There is a parking map sent to all teachers who register for a program.
  3. Lunch Information
    If a lunch time/area is requested during the registration we have several areas for location. We give approximately 30 minutes for lunch after the program is completed. Lunches will be unloaded upon arrival and stored in a temperature control controlled building (Normandy Barn).
  4. Rotation and Program Time
    Rotation time will depend upon the program a group is scheduled for. Farm to Pizza has 5 rotations at 25 minutes each. Plants, Animals and Me has 4 rotations at 30 minutes each and Exploring Bio-Technology has 3 rotations at 45 minutes each. Each program has a maximum of 3 hours including time for lunch.
  5. Restrooms and Washing Hands
    There are several restroom locations during the program. Locations are in Normandy Barn (Upper and Lower), Restrooms in green barn by Little Hands and Pin Frame Barns and the Glassbarn.
  6. Movement from station to station
    The Education Department Instructors will constant contact about when to rotate. They will guide you to the next station in your rotation. All stations are within walking distance of each other.
  7. What is the maximum program size and Group Size?
    The Education Department has set a max number of 200 students per program. Group sizes will depend on the total number student participants for each program. It is the optimal goal for the department all group sizes as equal as possible.
  8. How many groups can attend a program?
    Depending on group size of a school will determine how many groups can participate in a program on a particular street. The Education Department reserves the right to maximize the number of participants for each program daily.
  9. Cost
    Each program costs three (3) dollars per student and parent chaperone. All teachers and group staff members are not charged.
  10. When and how do we pay?
    Groups can pay the day of the program by check or cash. If a group needs an invoice they can request an invoice ahead of time or receive one the day of the program. If a group does not pay the day of the event, they will be responsible for mailing the check or cash to The Indiana State Fair Commission following the program.
  11. Is there a cost for parking?
    There is no cost of parking.
  12. Who do we make checks payable to?
    Please make all checks payable to The Indiana State Fair Commission.
  13. What are the dates for programs?
    Programs are scheduled for 12 weeks in the fall and spring. The fall is scheduled from Middle of September to Middle of November. The spring is scheduled from Middle of March to middle May.
  14. Are there other program dates?
    The Education Department offers programs during the summer (June) and during The State Fair (Monday-Friday of each week during the fair).
  15. How do groups register for a program?
    Groups will register via online forms through the following links. Select the link that applies to the program you would like to participate in. All registrations are a first come, first serve type basis.

  16. Where can we find program information?
    Program information can be found on the following pages:

  17. When will Virtual Education Program be available?
    Virtual Education is in the test phase with a goal to be available in 2017 to the public.
  18. What standards are being taught or reinforced?
    All standards are listed onĀ individual field trip pages.
  19. What is the average ratio of students to a chaperons?
    Farm to Pizza is 5 students to 1 chaperon.
    Plants, Animals and Me is 7 students to 1 chaperon.
    Exploring Bio-Technology is 10 students to 1 chaperon.
    My American Farm is 32 students to 1 chaperon.
    Ag Day is 22 students to 1 chaperon.