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Contest Judging Criteria

Entries will be judged by a panel of judges that will include all or part of the following:

Representatives from the Indiana State Fair Commission, participating partners of the Indiana State Fair Commission, and professional consultants in the areas of creative writing and visual arts. Judging will be based on representation of the theme and quality of work. Decisions of the judges concerning any and all matters with respect to this contest shall be final. Judging rubrics are posted here.

Entry Submission Procedure

Complete the 2024 Creative Arts and Writing Entry Form available here. This is an on-line Google Form that will be directly submitted to the Indiana State Fair Education Department. The form will not be submitted if you have not completed all the required fields. Do not forget to hit “Submit” when the form is completed.


If you have questions or problems with your submission, please e-mail or contact the Education Department at 317-927-7569.

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