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Indiana 4-H Approved Animal Grooming Assistance Program

Fitters wishing to assist 4-H members at the Indiana State Fair livestock shows are required to be complete and be approved by the Indiana 4-H Approved Animal Grooming Assistance Program. In addition to completing the application, participants must complete the online Animal Ethics e-learning modules every two years. If applicants completed the training module the previous they do not have to complete them in the current year and can simply submit an application. Participants will receive a letter of confirmation or denial once they have completed the program. Please refer to the Overview and Application documents below and click here for more information.

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4-H Beef and Dairy project participants who plan to exhibit animals at the Indiana State Fair:

Because the Indiana State Fair (ISF) has open beef and dairy shows scheduled before ISF 4-H shows, many questions have emerged about animal eligibility. For 2021 only, Indiana 4-H will suspend a portion of the 4-H Policies and Procedures for 4-H Animal Shows at the Indiana State Fair. Item 9 will have the following statement added for 2021 only: “Effective during 2021, 4-H beef and 4-H dairy cattle may be exhibited by an individual different from the individual whose 4-H enrollment record is connected to the identification of the animal for the Indiana State Fair open shows.” This means that an animal shown by an individual other than the 4-H member at the 2021 ISF beef and dairy open shows remains eligible for the 2021 ISF 4-H beef and dairy shows. The policy remains that 4-H animals may not be exhibited by individuals other than the 4-H member at any other show once identified by 4-H. Indiana 4-H will encourage the ISF livestock committee to reevaluate the scheduling of livestock events at the conclusion of the 2021 Indiana State Fair.


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4-H Livestock JUDGES

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