Wonderful World of Food

We live in a Wonderful World of Food. We grow it. We sell it. We cook it. We eat it. And at the 2017 Fair, we will have FUN celebrating it! Join us in telling the story of how Indiana is helping feed the world.

2017 Announce featuring Gov. Eric Holcomb

17 Foods to Celebrate 17 Fantastic Fun Filled Fair Days

Featured Exhibit: Our Global Kitchen: Food, Nature, Culture

Located in the Harvest Pavilion

Over the centuries, humans have shaped the crops we grow and the animals we raise to suit our needs, creating countless varieties adapted to local conditions.

Taking visitors on a journey around the world and through time, this exhibition explores the common interactions we have with our food, examining the intricate system that brings what we eat from the farm to our tables. Through digital interactives, rich dioramas, cultural artifacts, and striking models, visitors will experience stories of how humans have shaped the foods we know, and how food has shaped us.

Our Global Kitchen: Food, Nature, Culture is organized by the American Museum of Natural History, New York (www.amnh.org).

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