4HOnline Integration with Exhibitor’s Corner

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What does integration with Exhibitor’s Corner mean?

The Indiana State Fair (ISF) has taken the essential steps to correspond and work with 4HOnline to streamline the entry process from 4-H County Enrollment to the State Fair. The ISF entry system, Exhibitor’s Corner (EC) has been updated to receive animal information imports from 4HOnline.

Q. How do these imports impact my State Fair entries?

The ISF’s hope is that these imports will decrease the time you are spending making State Fair entries. By agreeing to send animal information to the Indiana State Fair. Animal information will only have to be entered in 4HOnline.

Q. How do I send my information to the Indiana State Fair from 4HOnline?

There will be a place on 4HOnline to agree to send animal information to the ISF. You will be asked to send information on each animal entry.

Q. I agreed to send animal information to the Indiana State Fair, now what do I do?

It’s time to make your Indiana State Fair entries. To make ISF entries go to https://exhibitorscorner.indianastatefair.com. If you do not have an existing account, you’ll have to create a new account. Returning users can use the email and password from a previous visit.

Q. I logged in, but I do not see my 4HOnline animals. How do I fix this?

When selecting the 4-H exhibitor you will need to provide the email you used when making 4HOnline entries. The field to provide that email address is under the exhibitor’s contact information about the middle of the page. It is marked 4HOnline Email. If you validated your 4HOnline email last year that email will be saved. If you changed your 4HOnline email you will have to replace the current email address already saved with your new 4HOnline email. After doing that you will need to find the validation email to confirm your 4HOnline email. The email will come from entry@indianastatefair.com

Q. I saved my exhibitor and I still don’t see my 4HOnline animals. What do I need to do?

Once you save your exhibitor and email will be sent to the one you provided to verify your email address. This is how EC will link your 4HOnline animals to your EC account.

Q. Once I verify my email where can I view my animals?

A list of the animals will be displayed inside the red circle in the picture below.

Q. How do I make entries if I’m entering in Horse and Pony, Llama and Alpaca, Dog, Dairy Cattle, Dairy Goats, or Pygmy Goat?

An animal from 4HOnline will have to be selected from a drop down list before an entry can be added. See picture below.

Q. I don’t see my animals in a drop down list to make entries in Horse and Pony, Llama and Alpaca, Dog, Dairy Cattle, Dairy Goats, or Pygmy Goat what do I do?

Indiana State Fair receives file uploads from Indiana 4HOnline, if your animals are not listed it maybe because ISF has not received the latest file upload or you did not choose to send animal information to ISF. 4HOnline animals will only appear if you completed your 4HOnline enrollment for your county. Please be patient as those files are being uploaded.

Q. How do I make entries if I’m entering in Beef Cattle, Swine, Sheep, or Meat Type Goats?

Entries will be added by entering the number of head an exhibitor plans to show.

Q. How do I make entries if I’m entering Poultry, Pigeon, Rabbit, or Cats?

Entries will be made by selecting the division, category, and class.

Q. I was not asked to put any animal information in, did I miss something?

Departments that do not require animal information will be sorted out at check-in when you arrive. By verifying your 4HOnline email you linked your animals to ISF Exhibitor’s Corner. Department staff will have a list of your 4HOnline animals pulled up through your account on EC. Department staff will be able to confirm the animal you brought is the animal you signed up through 4HOnline and will be able to select that animal for a particular exhibitor.