Indiana Farmers Coliseum

August 4
8AM 4-H Horse and Pony Show
August 5
8AM 4-H Beef Showmanship
August 6
8AM 4-H Beef Steer Show
7PM 4-H Grand Drive presented by Farm Credit Mid-America
August 7
8AM 4-H Beef Heifer Show
August 8
3PM Indiana State Fair Horse Pulls – Open Overweight & Heavyweight / All tickets are $5! Click Here to purchase your seats!
August 9
9AM Mule & Donkey Halter Classes, followed by Draft Mule Halter Classes
August 10
9AM Mule & Donkey Performance Classes
August 11
1PM 4-H Tractor Operator Contests
8PM 4-H Tractor Operator Contests – Awards Program
August 12
3PM 4-H Supreme Livestock Showmanship
6PM Combined Percheron & Clydesdale Six Horse Hitch
August 13
8AM 4-H Dairy Cattle Show
5PM Eight Horse Hitch
August 14
8AM Percheron Halter Classes-Stallions, Geldings, Mares, Percheron Group Classes
9AM Clydesdale Halter Classes-Geldings, Stallions, Clydesdale Furturity Classes, Clydesdale Youth Decorating, Clydesdale Youth Showmanship, Clydesdale Junior Team 3yrs and under
6PM Percheron Best of Breed, Clydesdale Futurity Cart, Percheron Mare Cart, Clydesdale Gelding Unicorn, Percheron Mare Four, Clydesdale Mare Four, Percheron Six Horse Hitch, Clydesdale Gelding Team, Percheron Men’s Cart, Clydesdale Mare Team, Percheron Jr. Driver Team (10-18yrs. of age)
August 15
9AM Clydesdale Halter Classes- Mares, Clydesdale Group Classes, Ohio Percheron Breeders Stallion Furturity Show
10AM Percheron Youth Decorating, Percheron Youth Showmanship
4:30PM Clydesdale Best of Breed, August A. Busch Award, Percheron Gelding Team, Clydesdale Ladies Cart, Percheron Mare Six, Clydesdale Mare Unicorn, Clydesdale Six Horse Hitch, Percheron Gelding Four, Clydesdale Mare Cart, Percheron Mare Unicorn, Clydesdale Men’s Cart, Percheron Junior Team (3 yrs. and under), Clydesdale Jr. Driver-Team (10-18 yrs. of age), Percheron Jr. Driver-Cart (15-18 yrs. of age), Clydesdale Under Saddle- Western, Percheron Under Saddle- Western
August 16
6PM Harvest Dinner – Click Here for more info!
August 17
4:30PM Belgian Registered Mare Cart, Haflinger Mare Team, Belgian Men’s Cart, Draft Horse Pony Six, Haflinger Unicorn, Belgian Gelding Team, Draft Pony Tandem, Haflinger Jr. Driver-Cart (15-18 yrs. of age), Belgian Mare Unicorn, Haflinger Ladies Cart, Draft Pony Men’s Cart, Haflinger Jr. Driver-Team (10-14 yrs. of age), Belgian Jr. Driver- Team (10-18yrs. of age), Belgian Under Saddle-Western
August 18
8AM Belgian Halter Class-Stallions, Geldings, Mares, Belgian Group Classes, Haflinger Halter Classes
1:30PM Hoosier Haflinger Sire Program
5PM Belgian Best of Breed, Haflinger best of Breed, Draft Pony Ladies Cart, Haflinger Gelding Team, Belgian Gelding Four Horse Hitch, Haflinger Jr. Driver-Team (15-18 yrs. of age), Belgian Mare Six Horse Hitch, Haflinger Jr. Driver-Cart (10-14 yrs. of age), Ladies Draft Pony Team, Belgian Gelding Unicorn, Draft Pony Four, Belgian Registered Gelding Cart, Haflinger Mare Cart
August 19
8AM Draft Pony Halter Classes & Draft Pony Youth Showmanship, Belgian Youth Decorating, Belgian Youth Showmanship
11AM National Belgian Furturity, Haflinger Youth Decorating, Haflinger Youth Showmanship
4PM Draft Pony Best of Breed, Draft Pony Dr. Driver- Team (10-18 yrs. of age), Belgian Ladies Cart, Draft Pony Team under 58″, Haflinger Men’s Cart, Belgian Mare Team, Draft Pony Unicorn, Belgian Six Horse Hitch, Haflinger Four Horse Hitch, Indiana Haflinger Association 4-H Award, Belgian Mare Four Horse Hitch, Haflinger Six Horse Hitch, Belgian Jr. Driver-Cart (10-18 yrs. of age), Belgian Under Saddle-English
August 20
11AM Belgian Classic Series Combined Six Horse Hitch, Haflinger & Draft Pony Six Horse Hitch, Belgian Registered Gelding Team
6PM Indiana State Fair Celebration of Champions – Click Here for more info!