Family Activities in Indiana

250 FREE Things To Do at the 2017 Indiana State Fair

  1. Download the FREE State Fair App presented by WGU Indiana

  2. Monday, 8/7, Chevrolet Military Day: FREE gate admission for current and former members of the armed forces (must present Military ID at gate)

  3. Try something new and checkout the Baird’s Exotic Animal Experience (Metro PCS Family Fun Park | Everyday 9AM-8PM)

  4. Challenge your friends to a game of putt-putt golf (Tractor Supply Co. FFA Pavilion)

  5. Seniors age 55+ ride shuttle for FREE on both Wednesdays of the Fair

  6. Be impressed by the 4-H Barrow Crossbred Show (Swine Barn | 8/6)

  7. The Still Kickin’ Cloggers are enough to make anyone’s week better (Dance Stage | 8/9 3PM; 8/10 2PM; 8/16 2PM; 8/17 2PM; 8/18 2PM)

  8. See who takes the checkers at Blue Ribbon Radio Controlled Racing (8/13 12-8PM)

  9. Attend the Fair for FREE for children 5 years old and younger

  10. Enjoy the melodic harmonies of the Chelsea House Orchestra (Pioneer Village Opry House | 8/11-8/13 times vary throughout the day)

  11. Refuel your love for dogs at the DockDogs Competition Shows (Dow AgroSciences Celebration Park | Everyday)

  12. On the first Wednesday of the fair, present the FREE ticket printed in Monday’s Indy Star for FREE admission!

  13. If you’re feeling frisky head over to the 4-H Cat Show (Farm Bureau Building)

  14. Cheer on your favorite hog at Hedrick’s Racing Pigs (Metro PCS Family Fun Park | Everyday 11-11:25AM, 1-1:25PM, 3-3:25PM, 5-5:35PM, 7-7:25PM)

  15. Visit the 2017 featured exhibit: Our Global Kitchen: Food, Nature, Culture (Daily, Harvest Pavilion)

  16. Don’t miss Dashboard Confessional with very special guests The All-American Rejects (Chevrolet Silverado Free Stage | 8/16 7:30PM)

  17. Check out the newest rage in technology and tour a Pig Farm via Virtual Reality Glasses at the Glass Barn presented by Indiana Soybean Farmers

  18. Bare witness to miraculous livestock births

  19. Take part in the US Navy week experience in the MetroPCS Family Fun Park (8/7-8/13)

  20. Hang out with the greatest sows, piglets and boars around in the Swine Barn

  21. Pick your favorite hot-air balloon and cheer them on at the Giant Hot Air Balloon Race (Hoosier Lottery Grandstand | 8/4 6AM)

  22. Watch the Daily Parade on Main Street (6:30PM)

  23. What’s more awesome than seeing Indy’s Awesome Dancers? (Dance Stage | 8/11 7PM)

  24. Kick up your heels and listen to Midland presented by HANK-FM (Chevrolet Silverado Free Stage | 8/15  7:30PM)

  25. Discover unique talents during 4-H Performing Arts (4-H Exhibit Hall)

  26. Friday, 8/11, Ride Safe Indiana Day: First 100 motorcyclists who enter gate 6 can park on Main Street

  27. Visit the beautiful Butterfly Garden (outside of the DNR Pavilion)

  28. Meet and pet all the goats (including baby goats!) at Goat Mountain (outside of the DNR Pavilion)

  29. Feel carefree at the Happy Together Tour (Chevrolet Silverado Free Stage | 8/14 7:30PM)

  30. Judge the best Elvis at the Elvis Impersonator contest (Farm Bureau Building | 8/18 6:30PM)

  31. Visit the Pioneer Village and be transported back into the 1800s!

  32. Hop to the Northwest Pavilion where you will find rabbits & baby bunnies, hatching chicks, ducks, and turkeys

  33. Visit the West Pavilion to walk through the world’s largest cattle barn

  34. Enter the Champion Pavilion to stand in awe of the great Draft Horses

  35. Take a stroll through the Wonder Trail presented by Farm Bureau Foundation and experience all the ISF has to offer through 12 different exhibits

  36. Saturday, 8/12, Hoosier Lottery Day: Visitors 18 and older with paid admission can stop by Lotto Town at the Hoosier Lottery Grandstand to receive a FREE scratch-off ticket

  37. Tour the Indiana Historical Society’s Indiana History Train in the Metro PCS Family Fun Park

  38. Reminisce while listening to Hotel California “A Salute to the Eagles” (Chevrolet Silverado Free Stage | 8/5 7:30PM)

  39. Children can take on the role of a farmer for the day by participating in Little Hands on the Farm Interactive Experience sponsored by CollegeChoice 529 (Pioneer Village)

  40. Park at Glendale Mall and take a FREE shuttle service to the Indiana State Fair

  41. Visit the State Fair youngins’ at the Livestock Nursery

  42. Observe all of the excitement of an auction at the 33rd Annual Farm and Antique Auction (Pioneer Village Opry House | 9AM)

  43. Listen to the melodious 4-H Chorus Performance (Farm Bureau Building)

  44. Learn about water conservation at the Pathway to Water Quality Exhibit

  45. Meet the Indiana State Fair Queen, Becca Lax!

  46. Marvel at the giant cheese sculpture in the Purdue Extension Agriculture Horticulture Building

  47. Wake up early with the roosters at the 4-H Poultry Commercial and Exhibit Show (Northwest Pavilion | 9AM)

  48. Sunday, 8/13, 811 Day Pres. By Marathon Pipeline: The first 811 Fairgoers receive a FREE item made possible by Marathon Pipeline

  49. Be a kid with your kids at the Farm Toy Show (Pioneer Village Opry House | 8/4-8/8)

  50. Take in all the fair festivities as you cross the scenic State Fair Covered Bridge

  51. Test your aim at the archery exhibit in the DNR Pavilion

  52. See beautiful works of art created by local artists in the Indiana Arts Building

  53. Travel back in time to view the antiques on display in the Indiana Arts Building

  54. Buzz-off to the Indiana Beekeepers’ Honey Exhibit (Purdue Extension Agriculture Horticulture Pavilion)

  55. See the marvelous performance of the Dean Road Dancers (Dance Stage | 8/20 4PM)

  56. State Fair Parking Pass

  57. Visit with Gene Stratton Porter an Indiana author (Pioneer Village | 5:30PM)

  58. Billy Goats may be gruff but kids and nannies sure do make their lives rough! Watch the 4-H Meat Goat Show (Blue Ribbon Pavilion | 8/6 9AM)

  59. Attend a featured farmer live farmer chat at the Glass Barn presented by Indiana Soybean Farmers

  60. Watch woodworkers make chairs, toys, and more in Pioneer Village

  61. Learn a new trade – watch Black Smith and Coppersmith work in Pioneer Village

  62. Thursday, 8/17, AAA Day: FREE gate admission when showing valid AAA membership card at the gate (limit one card per person)

  63. Visit the Glass Barn for a Clear Look at Farming

  64. Have fun participating in the FFA Pavilion Activities

  65. Get involved in STEM Activities (Boy Scouts Area)

  66. Kickback and enjoy An Evening with Montgomery Gentry presented by WFMS (Chevrolet Silverado Free Stage | 8/9 7:30PM)

  67. Participate in Sustainability Activities (Boy Scout’s Area)

  68. Don’t be a chicken, head over to 4-H Poultry Showmanship (Northwest Pavilion)

  69. You won’t want to miss the Watermelon Seed Spitting Contest (Purdue Extension Agriculture Horticulture Building | Everyday 1:00PM)

  70. Watch the Indiana Celebrations of Champions on 8/6 (Indiana Farmers Coliseum | 6PM)

  71. Learn new techniques at the Hands-On Milking Demonstration (Livestock Nursery)

  72. Witness Vintage Farm Machinery in Action at Pioneer Village

  73. Visit with a coppersmith in Pioneer Village

  74. Observe the 4-H Market Animal Grand Drive (Indiana Farmers Coliseum)

  75. Kick-off the day at the Opening Ceremonies (Harvest Pavilion)

  76. Hang out with the hogs at 4-H Barrow Showmanship (Swine Barn | 8/4)

  77. Visit the Purdue Extension Marion County Demonstration Garden

  78. Listen to Inkapirka: Sound of Andes (Indiana Arts Building)

  79. Watch the talented Heritage Place (Dance Stage | 8/15 12PM)

  80. Go back to your country roots with the Family Reunion String Band on the Pioneer Stage (Pioneer Village | 8/4)

  81. Design your own Quilt Square (Pioneer Village | 8/7 2:30PM)

  82. Get to hopping at the 4-H Rabbit 4 Class Breed Show (Northwest Pavilion | 8/5 8AM)

  83. Let out your artistic side and color a Farm Picture (Pioneer Village)

  84. Love line dancing? Then you have to check out Riverside Line Dancers (Dance Stage | 8/15 4PM)

  85. Channel your inner fashionista at the 4-H Fashion Show (Indiana Arts Building)

  86. In celebration of Ice Cream Day, challenge your friends and family to an Ice Cream Crank-Off (Indiana Arts Building | 8/13 11:00PM)

  87. Swing to the beat with Indy Hula (Dance Stage | 8/19 3PM; 8/20 2PM)

  88. If you’re feeling brave, take a look at Snakes Alive (DNR Amphitheater)

  89. Check out the Butter Churning Demonstration ( Front Yard of the Pioneer Village 2:30PM)

  90. Find out the difference between the two at the 4-H Llama and Alpaca Show (Pop Weaver Youth Pavilion | 8/4)

  91. Calling all future Veterinarians: Watch the Live Veterinary Surgery (Daily, Purdue Vet Medicine)

  92. Experience the Take Flight Live Raptor Show with Naturalist Mark Booth (DNR Amphitheater)

  93. Kick up your boots during Country Dancing for All (Front Yard of the Pioneer Village)

  94. Create beautiful Paper Flowers (Front Yard of Pioneer Village)

  95. See Indiana legend Sammy Terry (DNR Amphitheater)

  96. Get in motion with Celtic Motion (Dance Stage | 8/12 5PM)

  97. Rock out to George Thorogood and the Destroyers (Chevrolet Silverado Free Stage)

  98. Watch the Light Up the Night Illuminated Tractor Parade and Hot-Air Balloon Night Glow at the (Hoosier Lottery Grandstand | 8/4 9PM)

  99. Explore the interactive displays in Girl Scouts Building

  100. 4-H Beef Heifer Show at Indiana Farmers Coliseum

  101. Listen to Natalie Gain of Note Worthy Music & Friends (Pioneer Stage at Pioneer Village | 8/5)

  102. Watch and learn at the Youth Talent Contest presented by Jack’s Pizza (Farm Bureau Building | 8/6 12PM)

  103. Live dangerously and enjoy the Taste of the Wild Cookout (DNR Amphitheater | 8/5)

  104. Listen to 1860’s Folks (Front Yard of the Pioneer Village)

  105. Learn All About Popcorn on August 6th while celebrating popcorn  (Pioneer Village | 8/6)

  106. Watch the Make it with Wood Fashion Show (Main Stage of the Indiana Arts Building | 8/6)

  107. Meet some pianists at the Piano Competition (Indiana Arts Building)

  108. Learn some new moves with Let’s Try Square Dancing (Dance Stage | 8/20 3PM)

  109. It may be August, but you can still rock out to Blue October (Chevrolet Silverado Free Stage | 8/11 7:30PM)

  110. Immerse yourself in Indiana roots during Hoosier Heritage Day (State Fair Blvd | 8/7)

  111. Listen to the 4-H Rabbit Illustrated Talks (Purdue Extension Agriculture Horticulture Building)

  112. Check out the 4-H Boer Goat Show (Blue Ribbon Pavilion/Sheep Barn)

  113. Visit the Broadway Selections with Students of David Mannell (Main Stage of the Indiana Arts Building)

  114. Make a Prairie Doll (Front Yard of Pioneer Village | 8/7)

  115. See what Indy Parks Birds of Prey is all about (DNR Amphitheater | 8/7)

  116. Demolition Derby presented by U Pull & Pay (Hoosier Lottery Grandstand | 8/20 4:30PM)

  117. Watch High Valley presented by HANK-FM (Chevrolet Silverado Free Stage | 8/8 7:30PM)

  118. 4-H Gilt Showmanship (Swine Barn)

  119. Jam out to Yacht Rock Revival (Chevrolet Silverado Free Stage | 8/10 10th 7:30PM)

  120. Test out a new car at the Ford Ride & Drive (north side of Farm Bureau Building | 8/17-8/20)

  121. Get funky with Here Come the Mummies (Chevrolet Silverado Free Stage | 8/12 7:30PM)

  122. Attended the baton twirling contest (Farm Bureau Building | 8/13 10AM)

  123. Sing along with Danny Gokey (Chevrolet Silverado Free Stage | 8/13 7:30PM)

  124. Learn fishing safety along with registering to fish at the DNR’s fishing pond

  125. View the 4-H Rabbit Meat Pen and 6 Class Breeds Show (Northwest Pavilion | 8/4)

  126. Watch the Midwest Superstars perform (Dance Stage | 8/8 6PM; 8/10 7PM; 8/18 6PM)

  127. Experience the sensational Patti LaBelle (Chevrolet Silverado Free Stage | 8/17 7:30PM)

  128. Take a self-guided tour around the DNR building and learn more about the different types of fish in each pond

  129. Jam out to Kiefer Sutherland  (Chevrolet Silverado Free Stage | 8/18 7:30PM)

  130. Learn something new at the 4-H Poultry Illustrated Talks (Purdue Extension Agriculture Horticulture Building)

  131. Try your hand at Making a Beaded Necklace (Pioneer Village)

  132. Cheer on your favorite horse & jockey at Harness Racing featuring the Fox Stake (Hoosier Lottery Grandstand | 8/9 6PM & 8/10 11AM, 6PM)

  133. Learn about Garden Plants that Attract Bees and Butterflies (Pioneer Village)

  134. Be exhilarated by Monster Truck Madness (Hoosier Lottery Grandstand | 8/18 & 8/19 7PM)

  135. Encounter the Celebrity Milking Competition (Livestock Nursery | 8/16 11:30AM)

  136. FREE recharge stations; charge device for free at any of our 10 locations around the Indiana State Fair!

  137. Support Indiana native band The Why Store (Chevrolet Silverado Free Stage | 8/19 7:30PM)

  138. Try Daily Free Samples at the Culinary Stage in the Purdue Extension Agriculture Horticulture Building

  139. Learn from the experts at one of several Barn Talks throughout the whole fair

  140. Fulfill your cravings at Taste of Indiana Farms (Farm Bureau Building |  8/15 – 8/17 11AM)

  141. Watch horses pull overweight items (Indiana Farmers Coliseum | 8/8)

  142. Attend the 4-H Horse and Pony Show (Indiana Farmers Coliseum | 8/4)

  143. Listen to the Divin’ Duck a tribute band to Yank Rachel (Pioneer Village Opry House | 1PM)

  144. Rock on with Silver Foxes Rockin’ It (Dance Stage | 8/15 2PM)

  145. Unwind and play games at the WGU Indiana Parklet (Grandstand Side Lot)

  146. Take a stroll around the 250 acres of fun at the Indiana State Fairgrounds & Event Center

  147. Get up close and personal with the champions by viewing the 4-H exhibit winning projects in the 4-H Exhibit Hall

  148. Browse the merchandise and apparel at the new and improved gift shop location in the historic Indiana Farmers Coliseum

  149. Leave a review about your day at the Fair on the Indiana State Fair App presented by WGU Indiana

  150. Pick up a free book from the Department of Education (Visit Indiana Bicentennial Pavilion)

  151. Window shop at the DNR gift shop for toys, decor, and more

  152. Learn about conserving Indiana’s natural environment in the DNR Pavilion

  153. Catch live Nature Shows daily at the DNR Amphitheatre

  154. Take a stroll through Expo Hall and visit all the vendor booths

  155. Pet an adorable calf in the West Pavilion

  156. Grab your tractor fans and take them to the 4-H Tractor Operator Contests (Indiana Farmers Coliseum)

  157. Watch the Quilters sew their masterpieces (Pioneer Village | 8/7 10AM)

  158. Play the Soybean Scavenger Hunt in the Glass Barn

  159. Take a free Green Screen Picture in the Glass Barn

  160. Get some diversity at the 4-H Interactive, Junior and Senior Demonstrations (4-H Exhibit Hall)

  161. Visit the Farming Exhibit in Normandy Barn

  162. Fairgoers 21 and older can get some free samples in the Indiana Beer, Wine and Spirits Exhibit

  163. Do you like to have fun? Then you’ll love seeing The Fun Bunch perform (Dance Stage | 8/7 11AM; 8/8 11AM; 8/9 12PM; 8/11 11:30AM; 8/14 11AM; 8/20 1PM)

  164. Take a stroll across the Boy Scout Bridge

  165. Visit Hook’s Old Fashioned Drug Store to view the historical artifacts and exhibit

  166. Take a break and play on the Young Farmer’s Playground in the Young Farmer’s Pavilion

  167. Visit the Milking Parlor in the West Pavilion

  168. Walk through the exhibits of the Girl Scouts of Central Indiana Building on the north side

  169. Watch Habitat for Humanity construct a home for a family in need

  170. Challenge your friends to a game of checkers in Pioneer Village

  171. Got beef? Check out the 4-H Beef Showmanship (Indiana Farmers Coliseum)

  172. See the marvelous performance of the Dean Road Dancers (Dance Stage | 8/20 4PM)

  173. Visit the Greenhouse by Normandy Barn and learn about vegetable nurseries

  174. Browse the merchandise in the Wool Room (Elements Financial Blue Ribbon Pavilion)

  175. Get a free Popcorn Snack in the Farm Bureau Building

  176. Help out in the Wood Shop (4-H Exhibit Hall)

  177. Learn what “4-H” stands for

  178. Try out the Tractor Simulator in the Young Farmers Building

  179. Attend and watch the 4-H dog show (West Pavilion | 8/19 9AM)

  180. Attend Silly Safaris animal show and learn about fun exotic animals (DNR amphitheater | 8/20 11am)

  181. Kick into the beginning of a new work week with the K&C Country Kickers (Dance Stage | 8/7 5:30PM; 8/14 5:30PM)

  182. Cool down at the mist fans after a long hot day at the Angie’s List Gardens

  183. Meet local police officers and receive free stickers and other gifts at the Indiana Police Information Booths

  184. View the dancers at the free dance stage and try to dance along

  185. Explore Hoosier Lotto Town underneath the Hoosier Lottery Grandstand

  186. Take time to chat with real Indiana Farmers about their livestock and crops

  187. Get a free Hearing Test in the Hearing Solutions Plus truck in front of the Visit Indiana Bicentennial Pavilion

  188. Check out the Giant Pumpkin weighing in at 1,404 lbs

  189. Direct your group to the 4-H Beef Steer Show (Indiana Farmers Coliseum | 8/6)

  190. Get a small workout in with Fun with Fitness (Dance Stage | 8/16 12:30PM)

  191. Try not to let your mouth water as you watch vendors make delicious Salt Water Taffy

  192. Learn about the fair animals at the educational stations in the barns

  193. Enjoy all the smells of the delicious fair food

  194. Feel tight for time? Then go see the Timesteppers (Dance Stage | 8/12 11AM)

  195. Take your picture in front of the iconic Indiana State Fair Sign

  196. Mosey on down to the Championship Rodeo (Hoosier Lottery Grandstands | 8/15 7:30PM, 8/16 1:00PM, 7:30PM)

  197. Listen to Myra Dworski play the sacred heart (Pioneer village | 2PM)

  198. Visit Angie’s List Gardens

  199. Get into your groove with Dance Rhythms (Dance Stage | 8/6 2PM)

  200. See all the cool cars during the Open Car Show on Main Street (8/20)

  201. Watch the Sheep to Shawl contest and then attend the auction (Indiana Arts Building | 8/20 10AM and 3:30PM)

  202. Learn about healthy cooking at the Little Red Door Cancer Agency’s Live Well Eat Well Cooking Demos (Purdue Extension Agriculture Horticulture Building | Daily 1PM)

  203. Work and view an old thrasher farm machine in Pioneer Village

  204. Refresh your safety instincts at Farming Safety in the FFA Pavilion

  205. Take a load off and enjoy the 4-H Dairy, Cattle and Goat Show

  206. Seek greater heights at Pole Vaulting (State Fair Boulevard | 8/5 8am)

  207. Get a workout in with Pound Fitness (Dance Stage | 8/19 12PM)

  208. Visit all the artisan and craft tents on the North side of the Fair Grounds

  209. It would be baaad if you missed the 4-H Market Lamb Showmanship (Elements Financial Blue Ribbon Pavilion/Sheep Barn | 8/4)

  210. Take your little ones to the Indiana Young Farmers Pedal Tractor Pull

  211. Step back in time and browse the Country Market in the Tractor Supply Co. FFA Pavilion

  212. Walk to the Fair via the Monon Trail

  213. Look on in awe of the World’s Largest Boar

  214. You’ll love the 4-H Pygmy Goat Showmanship (South Pavilion)

  215. Watch Indiana crops grow before your very eyes all across the Fairgrounds

  216. Make lifelong memories with your friends and family

  217. Stomp to the rhythm of Naptown Stomp (Dance Stage | 8/12 6PM)

  218. Not sure what an Ewe is? Find out at 4-H Breeding Ewe Showmanship (Blue Ribbon Pavilion)

  219. Meet the 1,328 lb Grand Champion Market Steer

  220. Say “Hi!” to one of our 1,200 seasonal employees

  221. Take a picture as the face of one of many cardboard cutouts throughout the Fair

  222. Visit Indiana’s Urban Garden: Takeout Garden

  223. Show your patriotism at the Pioneer Village Flag Raising Ceremony (Pioneer Village | Daily 9AM)

  224. Get dolled up and meet Raggedy Ann (Front Yard of Pioneer Village | 8/11 6PM)

  225. Take a picture of the Ferris Wheel at night adorned in 10,000 lights

  226. Check out the IS Dancers and Continettes (Dance Stage | 8/17 4PM)

  227. Sign up to win FREE popcorn for a year at the Farm Bureau Building

  228. Watch some of Indiana’s most talented compete in the Indiana Grown Culinary Contest (Indiana Arts Building Main Stage | 8/18 1-2PM)

  229. You can always check out the CANstruction Display (Purdue Extension Agriculture Horticulture Building

  230. Immerse yourself in the Youth Interactive Stations at the 4-H Exhibit Hall

  231. Meet the Peterson Farm Brothers (Farm Bureau Building Auditorium | 8/4 4pm-6PM)

  232. Visit the Liar’s Contest presented by Indiana Storytellers Association (Pioneer Stage | 8/4 7PM)

  233. Connect to your inner NCIS and come watch the Resouce Dog Workout: DNR dogs find illegal games and track poachers (DNR Building | 8/11 6PM)

  234. See the talented Cornfield Cloggers (Dance Stage | 8/6 12PM; 8/19 2PM)

  235. Just be a kid at the Pioneer Playtime (Front Yard of Pioneer Village | 8/11 1PM)

  236. Dance the day away at the Indiana State Fair Fiddle Contest (Pioneer Village Opry House | 8/12 9AM)

  237. See true BBQ cooking talent come out at the Shoup’s BBQ Contest (State Fair Blvd. | 8/12 9AM)

  238. Go watch Circle City’s very own Circle City Cloggers (Dance Stage | 8/7 7PM; 8/9 7PM; 8/14 7PM; 8/16 7PM)

  239. Hangout with Jude Odell & Friends (Front Porch of the Pioneer Village | 8/8 4PM)

  240. See the magic of ancestry at the Greater Midwest Foodways Alliance Heirloom Recipe Contest (Main Stage of the Indiana Arts Building | 8/9 1PM)

  241. Love canned ham? Check out the SPAM Recipe Contest (Culinary Stage of the Indiana Arts Building | 8/19 12PM)

  242. Get artsy and get your face painted at the Indiana Arts Building

  243. Stay Golden with the Golden Line Dancers (Dance Stage | 8/10 1PM)

  244. Respect our Earth with Subaru’s Leave No Trail Activities (Boy Scout’s Area | 8/8 9AM-9PM)

  245. Do a little bit of everything and check out shooting sports and photo stations (Boy Scout’s Area)

  246. Practice your dance moves with Indy’s very own Dance Indy Swing (Dance Stage | 8/17 7PM)

  247. Take a picture under the famous midway sign and post it on social media for all your friends to see #indystatefair

  248. Marvel at the world’s largest Boar (Swine Barn)

  249. Sit back and enjoy the Indiana Starfire Cloggers (Dance Stage | 8/19 4PM)

  250. Bike to the state fair and park your bike at the FREE bike parking located at the Monon Gate at the Fairgrounds

  251. Cool off on a hot summer day at the mist fans located all around the Fairgrounds!