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Superior Dairy

Generations Team Up at Superior Dairy
Pampered cows deliver top quality milk

The family behind Superior Dairy shares a mission to provide the best quality dairy products for consumers and unsurpassed care for the cows that produce their milk.

The 250 Holstein cows at Superior Dairy near Garrett, Indiana, produce 21,000 pounds of milk per day, which equates to about 2,450 gallons of milk.

The dairy is operated by fourth and fifth generations of the Haynes family. Tim, his wife, Mandy, and their son, Tyler, partner with Tim's brother, David, his wife, Deb, and their son, Ryan, on the operation that also includes grain, alfalfa and pork production.

Superior Dairy’s smart barn epitomizes the family's commitment to cow health and comfort as well as production efficiency.

The high-tech barn is equipped with creature comforts including automated fans, misters, water, feeding and cleaning systems and milking robots. Collars on each cow monitor its health, daily activities and milk production, providing information for the dairy's computerized management system. Cows can walk into the robotic milkers whenever they wish, ensuring they get milked frequently, which keeps them calm and comfortable.“None of our milk is ever touched by a human hand. It goes from the cow to a bottle without ever touching a person’s hand,” David says.

As soon as a cow is milked, the milk is safely cooled and distributed by Dairy Farmers of America to local retail outlets.

“Within 48 hours, our milk goes from the cows to the store,” Tyler says.

“Our animals are fed like humans,” Ryan says. “We work closely with a nutritionist and our vet is here every two weeks to monitor cow health. Our cows always get the best care possible.”

Family members at Superior Dairy each specialize in a different part of the operation, from cow care to accounting and public relations.

“When we built the new barn in 2016, our boys became part farm owners. It’s part of our transition plan to the next generation,” Tim says.

Ryan and Tyler are the farm’s next generation of leadership. Ryan and his wife, Lyndsay, have two children, Henley and Harper. Tyler and his wife, as of Aug. 6, Natalie, have one daughter, Christine.

The cousins say they grew up around farming and never really considered another career path. “We enjoy the cows," Ryan says.

Tyler studied agricultural mechanics at the University of Northwestern Ohio before joining the farm full time. “It helped me get a better idea of how stuff works,” he says.

Tim recently received a special honor. He was this year’s Indianapolis 500 Milk Man. He was nominated by his dairy-farming peers in the American Dairy Association of Indiana. A longstanding tradition, the Indy 500 Milk Man title is bestowed on an Indiana dairy farmer who represents the state’s dairy farmers’ work to produce and deliver the best, most nutritious milk to consumers everywhere.
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