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What's New in 2022: Livestock

4-H Animal Affidavit & Animal Husbandry Form

4-H Exhibitors in the Beef, Dairy, Swine, Sheep, Dairy Goat, Boer Goat, and Meat Goat Departments are required to complete the new 4-H Animal Affidavit & Animal Husbandry Form.

Helpful tips:

  • The Animal Husbandry Form must be maintained from the 4-H Animal Ownership Deadline (May 16, 2022) through check in at the Indiana State Fair.
  • One form is required for each State Fair Animal.
  • All medications, vaccinations, injections, medical treatments, and any foreign substances administered in any form or manner must be documented.
  • Disclosing drugs and/or alterations on the Animal Affidavit and Animal Husbandry Form does not affect the imposition of penalties should there be a violation of the Code of Ethics or drug testing /examination principles outlined in the Entry Book. Attaching accompanying veterinary documentation to support any Animal Affidavit claims is recommended.

You can find the form on our website.

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