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2022 Indiana State Fair Livestock Schedule FAQs

Thank you for your patience as we continue to work through plans for the 2022 Indiana State Fair. We appreciate your understanding of these temporary changes which will allow us to renovate our historic swine barn and continue to make your Great Indiana State Fair better for generations to come!

As we continue to work through logistics, we will communicate updates regularly through our Fair Voice e-newsletter and website channels.

Click Here to view the 2022 Indiana State Fair livestock schedule

Schedule is subject to change. More detailed timelines, including arrival and check-in information will be included in Entry Books.

Why is there change to the 2022 Livestock schedule?

Starting in early 2022, the historic swine barn at the State Fairgrounds will undergo a $50 million renovation. Due to the ongoing construction, the swine barn will be closed and competitions will be moved to other locations on the Fairgrounds. No shows or competitions were eliminated due to this movement; however, dates and locations may vary.

Where will the swine shows be held in 2022?

Swine shows and competitions will be held in the West Pavilion (cattle barn). Click here to view the full schedule.

How does this impact the Cattle Shows?

Cattle will continue to show in the West Pavilion (cattle barn) in a modified schedule. Click here to view the full schedule.

Will barrows and gilts show together?

Yes, barrows and gilts will show together. In the swine set-up, there will be four total rings. Show schedule and order to be determined in the coming months.

Will there head or entry limits for the swine show?

No, there will be no head or entry limits. Each exhibitor can show two gilts and two barrows total.

How will penning work for hogs?

Each 4-H Exhibitor will be assigned one (1) pen for their hogs. Exhibitors with two barrows and two gilts will receive two pens. Exhibitors with one barrow and one gilt may only receive one pen Exhibitors with only one animal may be required to share. Please plan accordingly with divider gates. Pens will be 6' x 6'.

How does the temporary schedule impact Grand Drive and Supreme Drive?

A separate Grand Drive will be held in the West Pavilion (cattle barn) on Sunday, August, July 31st where we will select our Top 5 Barrows and Top 5 Gilts.

The ‘full’ Grand Drive (minus Barrows) will take place on Sunday August 7, and the Supreme Drive (minus Gilts) will take place on Sunday, August 14, both in the Indiana Farmers Coliseum.

What shows will be held in the Hoosier Lottery Expo Hall?

The Expo Hall schedule will rotate many livestock shows, including hosting rabbits, cats, poultry and dogs. The Northwest Pavilion (poultry barn) will be closed to the public for the 2022 Indiana State Fair.

What happened to the Poultry Barn?

The Northwest Pavilion (poultry barn) will be closed to the public during the 2022 State Fair. This building will be used temporarily as a storage facility while the Fall Creek Pavilion is under construction.

When will Entry open?

Entry is scheduled to open on Tuesday, May 17, 2022, at 10AM. More information will be shared in early spring. Date/Time is subject to change.

When will the Entry Books be available?

Entry Books will be posted no later than April 15, 2022.

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