Give the Gift of Agriculture Education!

Did you know that your gift this holiday season can benefit an educational experience at the Fairgrounds?

Instead of purchasing a material gift, donate to the Indiana State Fair Foundation in support of its agriculture education programs! After making your purchase, we will send a card to the  recipient letting them know about your gift in their honor!

By giving the gift of agriculture education, you play a part in providing learning experiences for thousands of students while honoring someone who values education as much as you do.

Select Your Gifts

Student Experience – $10 – Students learn where their food comes from as they spend a day exploring the Fairgrounds while participating in hands-on activities that bring learning to life. Click Here to donate now!


Seedlings – $35 – Students grow a vegetable or herb during their on-site experience while learning how seedlings develop into vegetables or herbs. Click Here to donate now!

Feed a Chick – $35 – During their experience at the Fairgrounds, students learn about the lifecycle of chickens and eggs and their importance. A donation of $35 feeds a chick for a month. Click Here to donate now!

Planting Soil – $50 – Planting soil is used to teach hands-on, plant based learning activities such as take-home gardens that allow students to continue to sow their learning at home. Click Here to donate now!

Feed a Goat – $50 – Interacting with goats allows students to develop an attitude of respect for living things, a greater sense of responsibility, and enhanced interpersonal skills. A donation of $50 feeds a goat for a month. Click Here to donate now!

Feed a Pig – $75 – The Fairgrounds is home to pigs that are used in the teaching experience. A donation of $75 feeds a pig for a month. Click Here to donate now!

Feed a Dairy Cow – $100 – The dairy cows teach students about milk and how milk is used in various dairy products including cheese. A donation of $100 feeds a dairy cow for a month. Click Here to donate now!

Teacher Experience – $250 – Teachers enjoy a day of training at the Fairgrounds while learning fun ways to incorporate lesson plans about where food comes from into their classrooms. Click Here to donate now!

Bed an Animal – $365 – Throughout the year, the Fairgrounds is home to livestock that are a part of various teaching opportunities. A donation of $365 provides the necessary bedding for an animal. Click Here to donate now!

Raised Garden Bed – $400 – Produce grown at the Fairgrounds educates students and fairgoers about the importance of vegetables, fruit, and grains in our diets.Visitors see first-hand how a seed develops into something edible. Click Here to donate now!

Building Maintenance – $500 – Each year, tens of thousands of people experience educational programs at the Fairgrounds. Our buildings and their maintenance play an important role by allowing us to offer programming year-round. Click Here to donate now!

Classroom Experience – $1,000 – Up to 40 students will spend a day making the Fairgrounds their classroom as they enjoy interactive experiences that teach them where their food comes from. Click Here to donate now!

These opportunities allow your gift to make a real impact on agriculture educational opportunities through the Indiana State Fair Foundation. All gifts will be used for the area of greatest need and may be combined with other gifts to enrich our educational programming and experiences.

The Indiana State Fair Foundation is a 501(c)(3) public charity. Donations are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.

For more information, contact Ray Allison at