Celebration of Champions


The 2019 CELEBRATION OF CHAMPIONS will recognize 4-H youth competing at the Great Indiana State Fair through a transformative gala with monetary awards that celebrate achievement, scholarship, and hard work.

Held in the Indiana Farmers Coliseum on Sunday, August 18, 2019, the Celebration of Champions is a perfect and fitting end to the annual Indiana State Fair.

What better way to close the Fair than by honoring the achievements of youth competing in 4-H livestock, agriculture and other events.


The Celebration of Champions is entirely underwritten by philanthropic support. Funding success will partially determine award amounts (as a variable to an Indiana State Fair Board formula that considers scope of awards, market rates of animals, and project impact). With oversight from The Indiana State Fair Foundation Board of Directors and the Indiana State Fair Board, a volunteer committee will work to secure gifts with potential donors from the state wide agricultural community. The committee will work with State Fair staff to develop the program for the awards ceremony. No gifts may be restricted to specific individuals. Unless otherwise specified, all gifts will be restricted to The Celebration of Champions in the Youth Development Fund of the Indiana State Fair Foundation.


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