State Fair Commission

Andre B. Lacy, Chairman

Dana Huber

Beth Bechdol

Bruce Everhart

Matt Martin

Leigh Evans

Bill Leininger, President
Indiana State Fair Board

Matthew Rekeweg, C.A.S.H.

Ted McKinney
Director of Department of Agriculture

Senator James W. Merritt Jr.
State Fair Legislative Advisory Committee

Representative Bob Cherry
State Fair Legislative Advisory Committee

 C.A.S.H. Board of Trustees

Matthew Rekeweg
Keira Amstutz
Randy Haymaker
Lorene Burkhart
Bill Ruppel
David L. Voris
Jane Ade Stevens
John Baugh
Jim Beaty
Denise Derrer
Chris Kaufman
Ted A. McKinney
Andre B. Lacy
Scott Fritz
Don Villwock
Cynthia C. Hoye
Stephanie DeCamp
Ray Allison

State Fair Board

Revised 10/15/2015

Bill Leininger, President
Akron – Elected from District 2

Dr. Jim Weisman, Vice President
West Lafayette – Appointed from District 6

Jackie Bell, Secretary
Avilla – Appointed from District 3

Stan Poe
Franklin – Elected from District 4

Paul Graf
Sellersburg – Appointed from District 5

Scott Fritz
Winamac – Elected from District 1

Pat Barker
Kendallville – Elected from District 3

Lee Ann Eizinger
Rochester – Appointed from District 2

Ashton Eller
Indianapolis – Elected from District 7

Jim Lankford
Martinsville – Elected from District 6

Julia Wickard
Greenfield – Elected from District 4

Carlos Garcia
Indianapolis – Appointed from District 7

Todd Uhl
Corydon – Elected from District 5

Alan Washburn
Kentland – Appointed from District 1

Jennifer Pavlik
Governor’s Office Representative

Ted McKinney
Director of Indiana State Department of Agriculture

Dr. Jason Henderson
Associate Dean & Director of Purdue Extension

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